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  • Amber Lake

    Can anyone tell me the trail or general direction to get to Amber Lake? I would like to check out a cabin or two for sale and don't know how to access the area from Kroto Creek parking lot.

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    From the Kroto Ck parking I would drive 7 miles East to Oil well road then head South 12 miles to Amber lake.

    In stead of driving 13 miles to Kroto Ck, starting at Trapper CK go 6 miles west and them go down Oil well road to Amber lake, it a lot faster.

    Don't get lost.


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      Thanxs for the info Rutting Moose! I will check out the area this weekend!


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        You can drive your truck right to Amber Lake. There is usually parking at the end of the lake and you can ride to the cabins from there. Like Rutting Moose said, go to about mile 6 on the Petersville Rd. turn left onto Oilwell Rd. and follow it south about 12 miles to the lake. You'll know it's Amber Lake because it's the first and only lake on the right side of the road going south.
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