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Freed Black Lab from Trap while snowmachining!

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  • Freed Black Lab from Trap while snowmachining!

    We traveled off shirley towne rd 12 miles up willow creek trail and then up willow mtn trail. The dog had it's paw stuck in a small critter trap. It was not there 2 hours before when we passed. We got him free. His paw was hurt but he still tried walking on the leg. Wasn't bleeding too much. Think it just hurt the paw.

    Male black lab, no collar, no tags, and very skinny. Not sure if someone was riding and lost their dog 12 miles in?

    The dog wanted to go back down to the river edge and not up the hill. So maybe he was trying to get back to someone? We tried to get him to ride on our sled back with us. But he freaked when we started it up? Bad experience???
    An older man and boy were going to see if he would follow them back down to a cabin and they could feed him. Hope this helps him find his owners.

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    Update to Black Lab

    Update on the thread.

    My wife received an email from somone who thought they knew the owner of the dog. After speaking with the owner it sounds like it was his dog. He is visiting family and lost his dog by a cabin off Willow-Fishhook Rd a few weeks ago. The description he provided of his dog sounds just like the one we freed from the trap.

    He doesn't know the trails and is searching on foot. I told him I would try to find the name of the creek and give him the best directions I could. I am digging around looking at maps now. I am back at work or I would try to take him up there.

    If anyone can provide more details of that area that would be great.
    To give a better idea what I am talking about-- The dog was found right off the trail that comes from Shirlytown Rd. Mat Su Bourgh Trail map calls it the Willow Mtn Trail. Down lower, early in the trail there is a sign calling it Spinal Tap. We found him about 12-13 miles from the Shirlytown Rd Bridge. It was near the bottom of a ravine (creek bed). On the other side of the ravine there is a Metal sided Cabin up on the ridge- maybe 1/2 mile from where the dog was trapped. The other group was trying to get the dog to follow them to it.


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      Hope the dog can find its owner, Good luck!
      May God Bless The USA!
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        I know that cabin well!

        That cabin is the Snowmachiners Safety Cabin on Peters, Purches Creek area.
        About 7 miles from the Coffee Shop up there. Easy to get too, but a bit bumpy!!!!
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          Thanks.. I will pass on the info to the dogs "possible" owner. Sound like they lost him pretty close to that area. We come in from down by Shirlytown rd which is almost 15 miles from the cabin. I knew there was closer rd access.. just wasn't sure where.


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