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  • Tazlina Lake

    Anyone ever been out to Tazlina Lake/Glacier in the winter?
    Are the trails marked and where is the best access??


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    One way to get there is from the Mendeltna Creek Lodge: If you stay there (small and cheap rental cabins) or pay to park there the owners can direct you down the right trail that leads to the lake. It's a nice trail. They groom many of their trails for xc skiing, so you don't want to go on those and want to stay on the lake trail. There is another trail access to the north past the lake. I've seen that access but have never been down it.


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      There is a parking lot on the north side of the hwy at Slide Mountain. The trail takes off from the parking lot and goes in there after crossing the Nelchina River. I didn't go all the way in but ran the trail from the Nelchina River to the parking lot at Slide Mnt then back to Eureka Lodge.

      The snow was very windblown but there were pockets here and there if you looked for them.

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