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  • Ski-doo - 90's

    Anyone in Anchorage or the Valley that knows the 90's ski-doo rotary engines? Looking for a shop to do some trouble shooting on a 96 summit that I have been fighting.....(and it is winning).

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    90s and Older..... Call John @ 745-2733
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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      What's it doing or not doing?


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        Long story short - i got it running and so far it is running very good.

        I put a 1998 Summit X 670 into a 1996 summit utilizing the 1996 electronics and HAC.

        The main problem that I had was that I plumbed the HAC to the upper mag side vacuum port. The 1996 motor has an surge/vacuum outlet in the case next to the outlet that feeds the fuel pump - what I didn't realize is that this actually routes to the magneto/stator cavity and is really just atmoshpere - not surge vac/pressure from the crankcase. The hose was the right length and me not knowing any better just put that line back over "there". The bottom tube on the HAC needs to be routed to Atmosphere and not press/vacuum surge from the case.

        She purrs like a kitten and I think that it will pull pretty good - but with the way this thing has gone I am ready for anything....


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