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Snow report for thompson pass??

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  • Snow report for thompson pass??

    Has anyone been to thompson pass recently?? Am planning to go next week for the first time. Where is the best place to unload??

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    not sure where you're coming from but you may want to consider alternative destinations before you get all the way over there... the winds went nuclear last week (100+mph!) so it may not be the best riding conditions for awhile... and no new snow in the forcast...


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      Thompson Pass = no good

      I rode TPass and surround glaciers/passes in the area a couple weeks ago. We were weathered in for one night due to 153mph winds near the DOT building, roughly 26 Mile. The entire pass is windblown. If you do decide to go again, there was decent snow conditions near Tsaina Valley. You can park at Worthington Glacier, take the pipeline access up the hill and back into the valley. Since the wind has blown and the sun shining bright, I would be cautious of severe build-up on snow on the south and west facing summits, avalanche danger. Be careful. Also watch out for rocks hiding under the surface now due to wind, not much snowfall this year, its sad.


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        Thanks for the update... sounds grim.
        What glaciers and passes were you riding? I'm planning my annual pilgrimage over there last week of March... and actually looking for some wind (not too much though...) for kiteskiing.


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