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SNOW ANYONE?? 14" today! Denali Highway trail report 2/25/11

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  • SNOW ANYONE?? 14" today! Denali Highway trail report 2/25/11

    Wow, did we wake up to a dumping of snow this morning! Temps made it to the 20's and it snowed hard all day! About 2" an hour for awhile. We already have several feet of snow, and this really put the icing on it! I tried to drive my crew out today, and the fresh snow down by the Su put an end to that dream... once I get it unstuck, it'll be parked until the snow melts... more advanced learning being done by me....

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    man sure woulda been nice if a guide or something woulda told you that the crew wouldn't make it sure wish someone had said something, TWICE, maybe someone who drove the road a few times in the past couple sure wish you had friends like that!!

    sure wish i had friends that listened...apparently.
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