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  • What sled?

    I'm thinking of getting a snowmobile (just can't bring myself to call 'em snow Machines), mainly for trail riding and hunting. I'd like to keep it under a couple thousand, and I've seen some decent looking ones in the $1-2K range...Obviously, I'm looking at sleds in the '90s model years. I think I want something 500-600cc, long track with a rack and tow point, possibly a 2-up seat; although I might get a separate sled for the wife, as she doesn't trust my driving. I need to be able to haul hunting/camping gear (and hopefully dead critters). I don't need blazing speed--I had an '81 Yamaha 440 a few years ago that was plenty fast for me (about 65-70mph) with my fat arse aboard.

    What kind of things do I need to look for when I do decide to buy? How many miles is a lot? Any brands have more problems than others? What kind of things should I look at when inspecting before buying?

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    Dude named Sid has a sled for sale in the Outdoor Swap-n-Sell that meets most of your criteria. I think its a Bearcat (Arctic Cat). Check it out.



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