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looking for a cargo sled

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  • looking for a cargo sled

    I'm looking for a sled to pull behind my Tundra. I'm looking at the Otter Wilderness series that I saw at SW, any thoughts on them? I've got an old steel fold-a-sled but it seems too heavy and cumbersome especially for deep snow. Any comments? thanks

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    I've tried a few different totes, some bought and some I made and so far the otter sled has worked out best. I don't think it's any lighter than the steel folding sled but has more surface area riding on the snow for better floatation and also lower center of gravity. They make nice covers to keep the snow out and a hyfax kit too. I braced up the rear of one and put a hitch on it and tow 2 of them when I'm heading out camping for a week.


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      Siglin sleds

      Check out siglin sleds, they are vey strong, good sleds, made out of UHMW.
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        I've got the otter. fantastic sled however..... I use bungies and ratchet straps to hold my load down sometims and the curled sides just fold right over after you hit a few bumps so I reinforced the whole lip with heavy rope through holes i drilled in the lip and then capped the holes with thich aluminum on the top and the bottom. Now i put the straps to the ropes instead of under the lip and i can really tighten my load. I usually travel about 40 miles one way with a tent, auger, chainsaw and fishing acc so I need the load to stay tight.


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          Otter sleds

          The only downside to the Otter's that I have heard from friends is that they will shatter in the really cold weather, like -30 and colder. The plastic that they use gets brittle in the really cold stuff.


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            The best tag-along sled I've ever had is an ATEC aluminum ski sled. I also have an Alaskan Bush Sled that we use a lot, but the ATEC rides way better. Both have several thousand miles on them and the Bush Sled has needed only minor repairs. The ATEC has needed none.

            Freighter sled? I built a couple of copies of a friend's Swedish Freight Sled. These are fantastic heavy-haulers. Smooth pullers, too.


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              I would put in a plug for the Siglig Sled. I just had one built for me and it is great. It floats like a dream and you can really weigh it down. I was pulling a traditional Eskimo Basket Sled wit about 600 pounds of logs and had about the same load in a barrowed Siglig sled. It was no match for pulling ease and it was very deep powder. Mine is only a few weeks old but it has been on a few trips up The Noatak River and it pulls easy!


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                Otter Sleds

                Does anyone have the runners mounted on their Otter Sleds? Seems that is what they have at Sportsmans and although there are other plastic ones that look to be of a better grade I think I like the hitch set up the best on the Otter Sleds.



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                  Husky Manufacturing

                  I have one built by husky manufacturing and it is awesome.I think it is near indestructable.and it floats.


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