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    With all this cold weather and no snow we are going to have a lot of overflow on the rivers and lakes.
    The reason for this, is the rivers and lakes freeze to the bottom and the water flowing into them will break through the ice causing overflow.

    You can learn how to avoid overflow most of the time but it's not 100% and there's always your buddy who thinks he can go through anything and not get stuck.

    If you get stuck or you are able to get out by driving out with fullpower you still need to clean your track of ice. If you have enough people who are willing to get their feet wet, they may be able to lift you out of the overflow (assuming) it's possable. You still may not be able to get out because there is more overflow in front of you. As a bystander it's real funny to watch other snowmobilers come to the rescue only to get stuck.

    It's one thing to get stuck @ 20* above, getting stuck at o* or colder takes on a new meaning of being miserable.

    If you have a few items it will make getting out a lot easier. snowshoes, axe, socks, plastics bags, rubber gloves.

    If you do get stuck and your able to lift your snowmobile out, lay it on it's side and wait for the area to freeze and make a trail with your snowshoes so it will also freeze. I almost forgot, you will need to remove all the ice and spin your track before it freezes.

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    overflow equipment

    what is the axe for?


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      to chop your track out when it freezes in...

      - Clint


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        Be careful

        On the news (12-11-06), I heard a 35 years old man was stuck in over flow on the Yenta Rv. He broke throw the ice trying to get his snowmachine out and had to use his Cell phone and GPS to be rescue.


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          We had exactly that scenario here and got mired down again today on the trapline but managed to get through it. Using dogteam, but it was still a pain. Marten are thawing now, long day and I'm beat. Got home right at dark. My son was with me, but he was skijoring. Will get these marten skinned tomorrow. I've helped pull snowgos from the overflow before, and seen guys that can go through it better than I can with dogs. Like anything, the skill of the driver is everything, along with the type of machine and the load being carrying or towed.

          Mark Richards


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