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Where can I find trail maps for Alaska?

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  • Where can I find trail maps for Alaska?

    Hi All,

    I'm new to Anchorage and this Forum. I was just wondering if there are any trail maps for Anchorage or Alaska available on the internet? My husband just bought a couple of second hand snowmachines and we would like to take our boys out. (Teenagers). Also, are there any laws that we should know about? Thanks!

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    Trail maps

    Most snowmobile shop have trail maps.


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      A good ride...

      Make your way up to Sheep creek lodge on the Parks hwy. They used to have a pretty good trail system that they groomed up to the mountains behind the lodge. I'm not sure if the trails are still groomed, but they are still there. Check with the lodge about a map. They used to have them just inside the door.

      Good place to eat lunch too.

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        Hatcher Pass is also a great place to ride groomed trails (they groom/open area once they receive 36 inches of snow) and shot off the trails to play in the powder. However, you do need to have your snowmachine registered with the states and they now charge you $5 to park there. Trail maps for the area are available...I got mine from one of the local Park Ranges. Otherwise, I guess the maps are available at the Park office. For condiions call Mat-Su area headquarters at 745-3975.


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          Winter Park Cabins

          As Trail Boss for The Willow Trail Comm. we maintain and groom about 110 miles of trails in the Willow area west of the Parks Hyw. These trails lead all over Southcentral. New trail maps will be at the local stores soon! If you need more info contact us at
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          Willow Trail Committe
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