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    I called suzie yesterday at Maclaren lodge and talked to her for a few minutes. They have 14 inches of snow at the lodge, the Road is closed now, and they have snowmachines coming in already..
    I will head up on Sunday and stay for a few days in the area. I am taking a 4 wheeler and my snowmachine along as my buddy has a caribou tag.
    Anyone got any reports from Paxton?
    I won't take my wheeler if the whole area is foot deep snow.
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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    Folks coming thru have told me there is a good foot around paxson and summit lake. Some places knee deep. The locals are using snowmachines with a few out of towners still bringing wheelers. The denali hwy will probably be wind blown enough to ride wheelers at least to 10 mile before encountering any drifts. This is what I've seen in the past. If I can break loose from work this weekend I'll meet up with some friends coming from fairbanks. We are all taking snowmachines. North of fielding lake the snow tapers down to just an inch up at 212 mile. Sounds like a north wind is blowing in and its gonna get cold finally. Maybe freeze up some of the water around hear. Be very careful. A couple riding double on a tundra went in a few days ago. They are okay, but the wife was ticked!


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