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    Has anyone ever purchase one of those rebate sled deals from Anchorage Suzuki Arctic Cat? Do you really get the rebate money they are offering?

    The reason I ask is that they had 3 sleds that cost $8,299 each but they come with an $8,200 rebate. So a new sled for $99? Am I missing something? Is this real deal?

    Thanks in advance,
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    lol!!!! yea right! trust me you had better read the fine print !!!!
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      Fine Print

      Yea, you get back $8200, in 47 months. That's the catch. You could pay cash for it, charge it, finance it though AC whatever; you just don't get the rebate until 47 months later.



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        I looked at the rebates and it may not be a bad way to go if your looking for a new machine. I thought about financing a new, unused, zero miles, 05 Sabrecat for $139/month for 7 years and paying off the sled with the $7000 rebate. (Rebate based on the model your purchasing.) I would end up paying $6550+/- for 47 months; I'd receive a check for $7000; $4,600+/- would go to payoff the loan and I'd pocket $2,400.

        The exact sled is available in the paper (ADN) used (04 model w/625 miles) for $5250. To finance 100% @ 7% for 48 months would be $134.75 for 4 years. I end up paying about $6,470 for a used sled. In that given scenario, if I were to buy a sled, I'd buy the new Arctic Cat.

        I don't know how much the new 06 model of the same sled is. I'm guessing between $7,000-$9,000

        No, I didn't buy a new sled; I haven't decided if I want to finance a new one or wait until next year to get a used machine for less (<$3,500) and pay cash.

        Good luck, and yes there's always a catch!!



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          I think the real catch is - are they going to still be in business in 47 months to give you your giant rebate? The whole thing smells of desperation to me. Sell a bunch of sleds at full price now and fold up shop before the 4 years is up.


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            This is a nation wide thing, I think they are using a special finance company that is betting that you will not keep the sled for 47 months. They have posted some info about this on


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              But it's an Arctic Cat

              Too bad Yamaha doesn't have a deal like this. I have never known anyone with an AC that didn't have problems with it continuously.


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                That would be a good deal

                The best deal we saw was buy 2 Yamis straight sale and get the third free. Great deal if 3 people all need one. It was a real pissah when my sled was 3 months old and they came out with this deal.


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                  AC Deals

                  You can pay cash, work out your own financing, whatever. You could buy it and turn around and sell it the next day, according to the Cat guys. The catch is that the rebate will not be given up for 47 months.



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                    I really don't understand what they are doing with this 47 month thing. Are they playing the stock market?


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                      The money is supposedly getting invested somewhere and they guarantee the return money. Yeah, right.

                      They tried to convince my local Cat dealer to do the same and they said they wouldn't touch the deal with a 10' pole.

                      This is an Anchorage Suzuki/AC deal, not one backed by Arctic Cat. Buyer beware.
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                        You have to own the sled in 47 months from the day you purchase it, and you need the rebate paperwork, or no rebate. Most people don't own the sled four years later or they lose the paperwork.


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                          I think it is great deal as the money does not stay in the dealer's pocket, an the A.C. say's you will get the rebate, let face it we don't know what will happen in 47 M. we hope to be there to collect the money . I for one think it is an outstanding deal if you can find the sled you want. they are fairly well picked over by now.


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