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  • summit fan or freestyle backcountry

    I'm rather new to snowmachining and bought an 06 Summit 550 fan last year and love it to death. Now, I would like to have a machine for my wife. Do you think the Freestyle Backcountry would be better (than another 550 fan) since it is a little lighter and maybe easier to handle? What I'm leary about is the single A-arm frount suspension. Anybody ridden a Freestyle?

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    I have not ridden one yet but they do have a cool video on the Skidoo website of the freestyles. They look pretty fun and seem to ride well, at least from what I could tell in the video. If you havn't seen it it may be worth a look.

    I did used to have a summit though and would take another any day.
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      Freestyles are kid machines. If you want to make her happy buy her a new Yamaha Phazer. Light, quiet, no smell, everything a woman complains about is answered. They ride like a dream, too. Yamaha just reinvented the snowmachine. The other manufacturers are sucking hind tit. The Phazer really is that good.


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        Better machines every year

        I liked the Phazer that they had to demo up at Arctic man this last spring. The envelope gets pushed a little more each year to make a better sled.
        the Ideas from the REV rage and forward thinking Designers at Yamaha have got a pretty neat sled that is light weight, sips the fuel, and has power to play around with for larger kids to adults.
        This may be a fine sled. I thought about getting one this season also.
        my wife needs a quiet, easy ride.
        I may move up to the new Ski doo 800 in the 151 track summit from my last years 600 summit 144 trach.
        I rode the 151 and love the smooth ride.. it was noticeable from my 144 track to the 151 how smooth it was... and it was quiet. not like the older 151's on other brands were..
        Getting older and just love a smooth ride now days.. last spring we rode for 140 miles in one jaunt, over fairly rough trails, and I didn't hurt like I used to.. the machines are just getting better and better..
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          i am interested in hearing how these work out , first year run and every thing the rule of thumb in motocross is it takes twice the cc's 4 stroke to do the same as a 2 stroke so they race the 250 4 strokes with the 125's and the 425 with the 250's so does that make the 500CC phazer about the same as the bravo or tundra ? it weighs as much as a full size sled, and no pull start so you are hooked up to a battery no matter what no pull starting this sled like a motor cycle and with the temperatures up here you know what it does with batteries and how about a -10 start up ? some times the temp drops out and you have to make it home i donít see a wind shield is that an option? they sound fun in theory but i think i will wait till next year to purchase one
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            Thanks for opinions and info.


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              the rev chassis has some issues im not shure it goes all the way down to the freestyle but the way the lower a arm pivots it does no alow the front to take more than a 13^ grade un like the arctic cal and polaris with the shorter front a arms dropping down on to the river can cause your bulkhead to bend according to a 65 year old guy that bent his going ice fishing the euro version of skidoo has fixed this but here we are yet to see this the guys jumping freestyle have a metal plate under there bulkhead to keep them together they have one sled they thrash and just change the plastics for each jumper bla bla bla i would go with the zx chassis just my .02
              "Women, I never met one half as reliable as a horse."
              John Wayne


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                Yamaha team

                Paxson lake is the place that Yamaha is testing the 2008 machines.
                I just got back today from Paxson lake on a caribou trip, and ran onto Scott Davis from the Iron dog racing team. they had the New Arctic cat for this season, and he was running down the Denali highway at over 100mph...
                Also at Paxson lake was the Yamaha people.. they had trailered from Wisconsin several new machines including the Phazer. I talked for several hours to one of the R and D people from Yamaha about Yamaha, and most of the time was spent talking about the Phazer.
                the Phazer gets plenty of HP ,,80 or more, as they have it rev up to 11,000 rpm. this is due to 5 valves and an engine designed and built by Yamaha, not someone else.. Most all Snowmachine manufactures motors are built by someone else, Rotax, in Austria for ski doo , Suzuki for anouther brand, etc.
                The first thing I noticed about the phazer was the response thru the throttle, It did not have any flat spots, and was very fast to act when I ask it. Easy to throw around, and felt somewhat like my 600 ski doo rev, but somehow different. My feet were a little further forward on the Phazer than my Rev, but the tall seat was great, as I like that new feel.
                they had a short track version, but due to not enough snow to boondock, It was great on the trail, easy to steer, and started with just a turn of th key, in the -25 degree temps we had this morning.
                the price of the Phazer is also a plus, as it looks to me to be a very good value, with a machine that is not a kids toy.
                I asked the pro riders from Yamaha if they had only one sled to pick from for all around use, they all but one pointed at the Phazer. The one that did not pick the Phazer said he just liked going really really fast, and was not really interested in a machine that could not break the sound barrier.
                any way, I enjoyed visiting with the Yamaha people. I was not allowed to take photo's of the 2008 prototype sleds, but I was impressed.
                I will keep my Ski doo Rev, but I may order a Phazer for the wife.
                last year one of the Yamaha dealers ordered 50 some odd number of Phazers for this winter, and he is currently sold out already..
                this may be one of the most popular sleds on the snow..
                When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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