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    I am looking to travel by sled from Knik/ Burma landing area to Trapper Lake without riding the rivers, is there a trail that connects up?

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    There are loads of trials that go south from Willow community center parking lot and i believe that there is at least one tat goes all the way down to figure 8 lake eventually. I've never been below red shirt, but everything north of red shirt is very well marked. You need to get from Burma to Susitna landing. from there go north out of the parking lot and follow the trail immediatley to the right and this follows the river for a short ways and then crosses it and goes up a steep hill. Just keep following the trail straight ahead (the one trail that veers off to the left goes to moose creek and a lake i can't think of the name) The trail should be quite easy to follow and you will come out on the south east side of trapper lake.
    I used to have a map from hatchers pass polaris that had all of the trails on it. that would be what you need to get the whole way.


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      Trapper Lake

      Rooster Ak:

      Are there two Trapper Lake?
      The only one I know of is 50 miles north of Knik/ Burma landing?
      The reason I'm asking is it does't make sense to start from Knik.


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        Thanks for the info, I think I can get north of Red Shirt fairly easily and I will try to hook up from there... I just don't trust river riding... (been through ice once, and was lucky to be riding with a buddy!)
        I am going to make runs from Knik/Goose Bay up to Petersville area to the cabin on snowmachine rather than drive and tow every time....
        Should be fun... I've got the Trapper Lake and north area down pat.


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          There's another poster on here who is planning a ride from Wasilla to Maine. Now that doesn't make sense. LOL


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            Do you remember who is going from Wasilla to Maine or when they will go? He must be crazy or something. LOL



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              traper lake

              traper lake is on the West side of the big sue an where you starting out is on the East side still have to cross the river, if you go north on the parks HIWAY till you get to the Big Sue bridge about 90 to 100 miles up the road there is pull out about 2 miles up the road pass the bridge this is how the people with camps get in there, on the left, then cone back down the trail you will start out on the West side of river o


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