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    OK Guys got a 2003 Scandic 500 fan cooled. Leaking/dripping gas out the carb. Any Ideas what could be wrong and how hard to fix? I may just take it into the dealer and have them fix it for an extortion fee.

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    Not enough information...first, take a rag and dry up the area as best you can. See if anything *drips* over the next few minutes to hours. That will help you narrow down *where* it is leaking. Typically, the fuel line can either rot/rub/wear and it can leak anywhere along the line...pay close interest to where it connects into the carb. If this is an old float type carb, the float may be stuck...tap the top of the carb and it can clear the stuck part. A carb rebuild kit can replace all the diaphragms and gaskets. Anyway, that should get you started on what to look for. You have about 9 months until you can use it again, so it should give you enough time to narrow down where it is leaking
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