Converting a smaller RMK into a two seater/worksled



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  • Converting a smaller RMK into a two seater/worksled

    When you check the smaller rmk's on craiglist they seem to be a very versatile bargain. The smaller ones are the only ones I'm interested in, like the rmk trail, and the rmk 600. Some of the smaller ones have the 550, and others have the 600. They are lite, have 1.25-2" tracks, and have enough space on the tunnel to convert to a two seater. Of course to do this you would need to rivet extensions to the runners and rivet strengtheners to the existing tunnel to accomodate a hitch. The one's that havent been heavily modified are what I've been eyeballing lately. They are def. a little cheaper than the tundras and other worksleds. With a 550 or 600 motor, a fabricated second seat and cargo rack, a trailer hitch, and an already skinny ski could have one versatile work sled! I've seen trail rmk's, and 600 rmk's for about 3,000 or less with around 2,000 miles or less. My only three questions are: Would the clutch system handle pulling about 300 pounds of freight? Is the throttle on those smaller rmk's smooth on the lower end or are they jumpy and too snappy like a pro-x 600 that i rode? The lower end would need to be smooth. If the powerband was too snappy.....could you change out reeds or clutch parts for a smooth lower end? This would be essentially an exact match to the 09 tundra. The trail RMK only weighing like 435 pounds would be lighter than a tundra and have a moderate paddle track that would serve well in the deep stuff......not to mention some of them even have reverse! What do you guys think of my idea? I'm going to pick one up anyways and just go through with this build, I'm just hoping that It will go like I've theoretically planned. If it works out....this will be one heck of a bargain work sled to do the lighter stuff and complementing my Polaris Widetrack.

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    I would say Yes to all of the Above, Time and Money.. Take a machine and redsign it for what it was entended to do, And Build it up to do something else, Want the low end tork Weights & the slides that rollers move on in the clucth, Or Just different Clutch, Also with that would change the secoundary to match. The seat and such more time and trouble, easy enough done, Don,t forget the skid underneath Beef that up as well, Springs, shocks, wasn,t designed for two people weight wise it will be bottemed out all the time. If have lots of time on your hands,To each there own, Myself i would spend the little extra get get the Model that you want, And that was designed to do what your looking for Just .My 2 cents, Have fun, Show us some pictures when your done.
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      The RMK was purpose-built for deep snow performance. To re-engineer one for hauling cargo is counter-productive.

      If serious hauling is a priority it'd be far more economical just to get a utility widetrack.

      Of course, if you want to tweak the RMK for the HE77 of it, than by all means have a blast (buy an air-riveter).

      I rigged up a tow-bar for my 700 RMK and have towed 300lb loads without problem or clutch damage.
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        Thanks for the info,

        Does anyone out there have own a 550 or 600 RMK? I you is the low end? Is it snappy or is it smooth enough on the lower end? This RMK won't be hauling any serious weight. My wife will be riding it with one of our kids on the back. The wife is only 120, and our kids are only 50 pound kids, or it will be just me and one of the kids. It just has to handle a small arsenal of trapping or ice fishing gear (300lbs. max). Thanks for the skid plate idea, i will def do that. I aready have a second seat ready to be modified. It looks like this is going to work! I'm just really hoping that no clutch or reed work will need to be done. This will be a very cheap build if no clutch work is required. I also have polaris 8 inch skis and an edge tunnel for the extra aluminum that I need. ultralight worksled for around 2,500-3,000 dollars.......can't beat that! Already owning a Widetrack.....I just need a sled for the small stuff.


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          The 550 RMK Trail is basically a utility sled with improved off trail capabilites. I've never been on a 600 but throttle control on my stock 700 is smooth. Engagement RPM is 3500-3600. I imagine the 600 has a similar clutch set up. Hauling a tow sled is not a problem, but too much weight on the tunnel is.
          If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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            I have a 99 rmk 600. Its got a 136 2 inch track. My wife uses it and its not too snappy on the throttle at all. Its got 2200 miles on it and I am willing to sell it if you are interested.


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              I sure as heck am interested in your sled pb!

              that would be a perfect sled for my build. PM me a price if you think you can give me a real good deal


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                I use my Trail for work

                I use my trail RMK 550 for work and it is awsome. I have a ten foot UHMW sled I built and have had well over 300# on it. It pulls good and the 136" rear end is not so long that towing a sled is a pain. Also the there is room behind the seat for a large rack. You'll have to build it yourself.
                I have not felt the need for regearing with the 550. It's fan cooled and it dosn't make the RPMs of the water cooled sleds.
                I would bet though that the RMK 600 would not be a good choice for work machine as it is really a mountain machine.
                I think of my Trail RMK as the mullet of sleds. Part business and part party!



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                  SG, and PB,

                  Thanks a bunch for the field reports regarding your RMK's performing light-duty utility. Your experiences sound very promising and have sparked greater intrest in this build I have planned. Building a utility rack and extra seat, tunnel reinforcement and hitch, bolting on the 8 inch skis, and other minor mods. has me really excited. This build will be a lot of fun for my family, not to mention......we will save a ton of money too! Now that I know the lower end is smooth.......It looks like this build will only cost the very minor price of the sled. With the little 136 in. moderate paddle track, 8 in. skis, lightweight, reverse, and now confirmed smooth lower end........this will be an amazing little sled for the tight stuff. My wife is such a tightwad with spending money.......I had to think of something.


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