Denali Highway Trail Report 4/7/09



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  • Denali Highway Trail Report 4/7/09

    Word from mile 68 is that the sun has been shining for several days and the snow is excellent. Riding in from Cantwell, trail is bumpy in the normal area's but not terrible. High temps in the 40's and Craig and Tyler have been barbequing on the deck! Riding up the Valdez Mine Road is great. Forcast is for high's to continue bumping 40, then dropping back down to teens at night. I'll be running supplies into the lodge Thursday night, and staying through Sunday morning. (I wish I had more time to spend up there!) My plan is to find my way above the lodge into the deep snow in the hills up there! Tyler hiked above the lodge and took this video that's really got me itching to get up there with a machine!

    Word from DOT is that they are going to start plowing out the highway from Cantwell starting April 15th. I'm trying to stay on top of that so folks know what to expect when heading that way.

    Have fun and be safe!!

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    Sounds great! I'm going to try to get in a trip up that way very soon.
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      Any bears out yet


      any sign of bears popping out yet?



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        Just one set of tracks

        Seen one set of tracks a couple of weeks ago. The report from the lodge is that they are having high temps in the 40's and lows in the teens. I'm heading out in a half hour from Kenai, driving up to haul supplies in and most importantly, to look for bears. I would sure like to find one just out of the den. I'll be back Sunday night and give an updated report.

        Good Luck!
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          Dad is up in Cantwell daily during the week. He has been reporting pretty cold temps (-5°F) during the mornings. Sounds like big temp swings throughout the day.
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            Yep, there have been big swings in the area, which is typical for this time of year. Report from mile 68 now is that it's 25. Cantwell is 19.


            The attached is the Cantwell forecast.

            Have a great Easter everyone!
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              How long do you think the riding is going to last up that way? We are hoping to get in another ride or 2 after this weekend.


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                snow conditions

                Ak Hunter,
                I'm up here at the lodge now. We rode in last night from Cantwell. Snow is still set up nice, and no real melt has occurred yet. In the afternoon, it seems to be getting a little soft on the surface, but there is still a lot of snow cover, as it has been an exceptional snow year. Everything will depend of course, on what the temps do in the next week or two.
                One thing to consider is that they have started plowing the road from Cantwell. It was plowed in to Atkins lake about 10 miles from Cantwell. We drove into there and parked, and they have a large area open for many vehicles and trailers. I understand they are going to start opening the road up on the 15th. Where they had plowed the road, there is a lot of gravel showing, and riding wouldn't be that good. I'm really hoping to be able to drive into the lodge in two weeks. Hauling supplies all winter by snow machines is brutal!!

                I'm looking out the windows now, scanning the mountains and valley below for our fuzzy little friends, but nothing yet! I'll keep you posted.

                Good Luck!
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                  Appreciate the info, we may come down with the motorhouse next Friday and do some riding and looking for bears. Looking forward to the updates!


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