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Ski-Doo V-800 Oil level question.....????? Spare OIL MAYBE..??

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  • Ski-Doo V-800 Oil level question.....????? Spare OIL MAYBE..??

    If you ever so gently had the V-800 slid over on it's left side. Some oil comes out. Did it come from the chain case, or the crank case. In this event it was a 2009' SWT, and happened on the homestead. got me wondering what if your 90 miles in......Do you need to carry a quart or two of oil just in case. And even though it is engine oil and not injection oil. If your riding partner had a quart of injection oil, how much harm would it do just to get you home.........? If your wondering why I don't just check the fluid is because I hurt my left hand, and don't feel like it just now.... Thank-you.
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  • #2 Man i went, to paste this, lost all that i typed in, Anyways i own one of these it only hold 2.3 qts I do carry what left of the 3rd qt around with me, The left side is the bad side to tip it on.The oil comes out the vent that leads into the airbox, there is a one way valve there so won,t lose all the oil But it takes a sec. to kick in By that time some of that thin 0-40 stuff already made it buy into the airbox. From what i have read ,that you suppose to get take that off right away get that cleaned up or the oil will make it way down to that $100.00++ Belt.Check out that other form there. Most what i learned about my machine came from there. Tell us what you find so we know what to do, When our turn comes up on its side. P.S. NO,NO, to the injection oil..NOT THE SAME IT FOR TWO STROKES!!! The v-800 is a 4stoke motor and uses full synthetic xps 0-40 oil. TIP for when checking that oil that dip stick right behind that muffler, watch out because it get Hot!!!!!MY suit has nice vent hole in my right sleeve, And the sweet smell of nylon for the next 50 or so miles.
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