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  • Polaris Widetracks/Replacment tracks, scrapers....

    I've been running a 2000 Polaris Widetrack LX for about three years now. The sled has been a very reliable machine and has about 2400 miles on it. The transfer case, 500 liquid, and reliability have been flawless. I recently had a scare trying to haul some heavy freight up a steep hill on the trail. The snow was like hard packed ice at the top of the hill and lost traction, the freight sled pulled me down the trail and into the woods (no traction). The other problem I've had is the high temp. light coming on when hauling freight in temps. above 20 degrees. These two issues only occur when hauiling freight. I found scraper kits and radiator kits. Does anyone know which would be better to keep down engine temps? I also found a camoplast replacement track that has 1.25in. lugs, and built in studs, it looks to be one tough track, way better than my stock track. Does anyone have an experience with this "icewide" model of track? I'm trying to prevent purchasing a new work sled because this Polaris had been a reliable machine.

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    Stick with what you got. When experiencing warm temps, stop along the trail and pack the running boards down with snow. The cooling exchangers are located right under your feet.

    Usually if hauling freight is done in spring, you run a high risk of wearing out the hi-fax prematurely. Keep an eye on the slides.

    Any changes in tracks and lugs, usually requires a change in gearing, to get any real benefit from the change. What you have is a good compromise, between a work sled and a daily rider. I would recommend you keeping it that way, unless you want to completely change the characteristics of the machine for a special given purpose. It would then be a permenant deal.
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      CK< P.M. we have had some thoughts on this before, didn,t know how to paste it up here, But i have one of these machines and had ordered it from the factory with a nose cone radiator. works perfect no issues on overheating,Rutting Moose maybe jump in here as he made one for himself. It has been a outstanding machine,1992, I just replaced it with a SWT 800, It has more power, 4" wider track, and getting about 1/2 again better gas milage
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        I put a little (Purple Ice) from Royal purple in the cooling system, it helped a lot with overheating, it's a cheap solution.


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          Originally posted by kenairmk View Post
          I put a little (Purple Ice) from Royal purple in the cooling system, it helped a lot with overheating, it's a cheap solution.
          What he said.

          Works very well. Running it in my snogo with very good results.
          You might be able to get a radiatior from a yamaha venture that has the fan on it and rig it in.
          Could put it on a toggle switch so you could turn it on when it is getting warm.


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