Yam. Nytro XTX vs. S.D. Tundra LT



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  • Yam. Nytro XTX vs. S.D. Tundra LT

    I'm getting a new machine. I just can't decide what ride to get. I'm literally planning on flipping a coin to decide if I don't get some strong advice.

    My budget is $8000, I mostly ride trails, but love to bust through powder as long as the terrain isn't really steep (I'm a newbie). I want a comfortable, reliable machine that can haul a cargo sled for the rare overnight trip to a cabin, or possibly for caribou or bear hunting.

    09 Ski Doo Tundra LT 550F. "Sport Utility"

    Pros: 1. 154x16x1.25 track is good for "backcountry", deep powder, exploring off trail. 2. 40lbs lighter (500 lbs) than the other choice. 3. 2-up seat so my wife can ride. 4. 60HP 2-stroke has "enough" power, has backup pull-start, and is better at starting in REALLY cold conditions. 5. Comes with a cargo rack and hitch so it's better for hauling gear. 6. $800 cheaper. 7. Electric start and reverse.

    Cons: 1. Overall quality is inferior (IMO). 2. Technologically inferior. 3. 2 stroke engine sucks gas bad (14 MPG). 4. Wont last as long in general and 2-stroke engine may start to have problems after about 3000 miles. 5. Suspension isn't nearly as nice. 6. MSRP = 7200, price = 7200 (no deals). 7. Loud, smelly 2-stroke engine.

    09 Yamaha Nytro XTX. "Crossover"

    Pros: 1. New "Hybrid" 144x15x1.25 track is great on trails and very good in most powder situations I am likely to encounter - at least for the next few years as I gain experience. 2. 130HP fuel injected 4 stroke engine runs smooth as butter and has way more power than needed; engine will run strong for many years and can tow a cargo sled with ease. 3. Has one of the best suspensions available for rough trails. 4. Only 20lbs heavier than my current sled. 5. Shorter track and overall design provides better handling on trails and in moderate powder. 6. Currenly "on sale" for $2800 off MSRP. 7. Electric start and reverse. 8. Gets ~20 MPG and no blue smoke.

    Cons: 1. 40lbs heavier (540lbs) and shorter track = not as good in the deep powder. 2. 4-stroke engine without auxillary pull-start will be harder to start in extreme cold and would require taking extra precautions for overnight trips (Eg: an extra battery kept warm, run machine before bed and put cover on, etc.). 3. More expensive. 4. Not as condusive for 2-up riding.

    Any other suggestions for my type of riding will be gladly considered!

    Thanks so much!


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    Ducks in a row


    I think you have a good comparison going, and from your list I think you leaning towards the Yammy which is just fine. Im a Tundra fan as you know from my other posts. But I don't think you can go wrong the XTX, it sound like the sled for you.

    One little side note: What about the Tundra LT V800? About the same weight as the XTX and you get the chasis advantages of the Tundra, and a place for a second rider.
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      Or the 2009' Tundra LT 550 Fan new for $6,600.00


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        good comparison yammy vs doo


        Not the same models your looking at but thers some good info in there.
        I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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          you like the yammy i know it

          you came up with a lot against the doo and only complaints were less cold starting ability but how cold do you plan on. and two up riding means more quality time together. LOL


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            Going with the Doo

            The Tundra is more of a sportsman's kind of machine, has better floatation, and the 2-stroke with backup pull-start could save my life when it's really cold. Besides, my wife will love the 2-up seat.


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              Welcome to doo... I don't think you made a bad decision. Get some auxiliary heated grips the two up seat, your wife will be happier, which means youll be happier.
              I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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