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  • Yamaha Phazer MTX

    i'm thinking of picking up two of these sleds and was wondering if anybody had any problems or useful info about these.

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    Phazer MTX

    I have to tell you that I just bought an 09 here in Fairbanks, just put over 150 miles on it. I've been sort of taking it easy on it, they have a pretty intensive break-in period, I always use the mentality of break it in how you're gonna ride it but I've chosen to take it a little easier. Here's what I've been trying to adhere to IAW the manual:
    0-100 miles avoid "prolonged" operation above 8000 rpm.
    100-300 miles avoid "prolonged" operation above 10000rpm.

    This machine is super high revving. Here's what I've seen so far.
    -Everyone says the machines are "tippy", they are-more than normal. You actually have to ride it.
    -It rides like a dream though.
    -TORQUE-I haven't even dropped the hammer on it yet but with light gooses to the throttle it'll hang the skis like the big boys.
    -Top speed-if you want to go 100 mph, it won't do it. The dealer said 55-60, no way, I've had mine to 70 and backed off while it was still accelerating.
    -Powder, this thing carves like an animal, it's not the big boys, but the way it's designed you can throw it around. While the est. weight is 515, it feels like 450 in the deep stuff. I was out last weekend, rode from Two Rivers to Chena Lakes and off those trails I was lucky enough to lay down first track on some of the secluded lakes, I came to a stop in the waist deep stuff, the snow piled up to the top of the windshield, my buddy thought I'd have to kick some out of the way, man was he wrong, I nailed the throttle and wham! I was on top of the snow and laid it over and came right back by him.
    This machine is awesome, I've ridden 800s before, I even owned one, no burning eyes at the end of a long day, no smelly clothes (cept for your buddies) and dollar to dollar, this machine has NO competition. Bottom line--I highly recommend this sled, you will not be disappointed.



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      Dollar for dollar, yes, when you think you can buy 2 of these sleds for the price of one true mountain sled. However, you can't expect the Phazer to go the same places and do the same things as say an M8 162...it just won't.

      However, with the price of sleds, last weekend I proposed to our group of 10 or so all on newer M8's and Summits that we all ought to just sell our high HP long tracks and all get Phazers MTX's...it got a couple laughs, but also got a couple head scratches...I think it would be an absolute blast.


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        I'm selling my 09 Phazer MTX. I really like it, but it's way too rough on trails. My friends leave me in the dust while they're riding utility sleds because the Phazer is just so incredibly rough. I tried adjusting the suspension but that didn't help. I've ridden just about every type of sled and they're all way more comfortable.


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          Phazer MTX update

          Okay, so I figured I'd throw something else in there. I believe that someone on another post stated to look at this thread for my experience in the deep stuff. I went in at the McKay Creek trailhead with a buddy, he was riding a Ski-Doo MXZ 550f with a brand new 121 with 2" paddles, chest deep snow in the valleys. He got stuck several times, the snow was actually so deep I "swam" from the trail at one point. Anyway, my I stuck my Phazer MTX once, got it hung up on a spruce tree, other than that everytime that I had to turn around to go help my buddy, I just yanked it off the trail and carved around to the trail. I understand that most people wouldn't consider this a large feat, but you have to understand, when I jumped off my sled and went up to my chest I thought the day would be spent digging out. I can honestly say that I am way more than impressed with the sleds performance in the deep stuff. You have to remember, Yamaha designed it to be a Boondocker, not a Hillclimber, it definitely boondocks with the best of them. All in all, I have to say that if this machine lives up to its claims maintenance wise, and with the way it performs with my 260# on it, it'll have a place on my trailer for years to come. It is a little rough on the trails but I've adjusted the suspension to the stiffest to carry my fat behind through the bumps. I've broke the 200 mile mark and if the weather changes and it warms up again, I'll break the 300 mile break-in period and give you another update. I know that some are laughing at me and my little Phazer but it's fun, what can I say.


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            Sounds like you are having fun.


            BTW, the mxz in question has an 1.5" track. I know, you were just making a point. It is pretty humerous watching that little black and orange cricket zipping around.


            The Phazer MTX is not a trail machine, hence the MTX designation. It ain't gonna ride like a ditch banger.


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