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Trail Report W.P.C. Willow AK. 3/11/09

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  • Trail Report W.P.C. Willow AK. 3/11/09

    Ididaidit weekend is over and they all sure had fun! The area was beat up!!! The kids are out of school all week so they are tearing up too. But we have been out since Sun evening try to get the bumps out. We have over 35 inchesof snow base and temps hit 36 today. SPRING is HERE!!! Put in over 550 fleet miles this week putting snow flakes in there place! And today worked on interlinking the trail down to Big Lake for the SVWT trail. I will spend the next two days getting the new signs up so everone can get from here to there. All the other trail clubs also will be kickin butt to get this trail in shape too.
    Hope you get out this weekend and have a blast!!!
    Here in Willow things are looking good!
    Taking the bumps so you don't have too!!
    Trail Boss
    Trail Boss
    Willow Trail Committe
    ALASKA'S Winter Park Cabins
    To boldly make trail where no man has gone before!!!

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    Went riding yesterday and noticed a bunch of fire pits along the trail. Some are about 4' wide and 3' deep. Would be a nasty wreck if you hit one. I recommend staying on the trail through these spots. I'm assuming this was the trail the iditarod went down. Other than that the trails are in pretty good shape. The snow off trail was a little crusty in the morning, but softened when the temps went up.


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