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  • Yamaha Nytro XTX (crossover)

    Anyone own one? How do they ride in the powder? I've heard that they're awesome on any sort of trail and excel at handling bumps, but with a 1.25 inch paddles and only 144" of track length I'm concerned about deep powder.

    Still, I'm strongly considering one. I ride 50/50 trails and powder. If this sled had 1.75" paddles i would be all over it like stink on... well, you know.

    Anyway, any info is appreciated. I'm also considering a Ski-Doo Tundra LT, but I really like the reliability of the Yamaha 4 strokes.

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    This would be the deciding factor if I was going to be off trail much:

    2010 FX Nytro XTX 542 lbs dry 144 x 15" Track

    2010 Skidoo Tundra LT 475 lbs dry 154 x 16" Track

    If you spend much time in the powder that extra 67 lbs and smaller track will make a difference. Keep in mind that the Tub front end of the new Tundra is claimed to give the sled 65 % more flotation over the same type of sled with the rev platform, thats a huge difference.

    On the otherhand the 4 stroke Yammys are bomb proof engines that purr oh so nice. The Tundra will have a 550F that will suck the gas down.

    Don't know if the dealers in your area have any demo sleds but Id see if I could take one for a ride... your would be surprised the diffrence.
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      crossover/ sport util sleds

      I agree on the weight vs. floatation on the two sleds. The thing that's holding me back on the Tundra LT is the length of the track on trails and when making tight turns while sidehilling. How does the LT ride on the rough stuff? Also, I've read that the Tundra LT is just terrible on gas...

      I'm only interested in the 09 models, 1. because the 2010s aren't out yet and I want to decide on a machine by Saturday. 2. It looks like the 2010 Tundra LT has reverted to a strut-only front suspension. AKM&D says it's a completely different machine than the 09s because it's now being built at a different factory to save $.

      Between those two machines, the 2009s are closer to 40lbs apart...

      Looking at 2010s, the SD MXZ Renegade Backcountry 600 E-Tec 137x1.75 looks hard to beat in the crossover arena. It only weighs about #450! Too expensive though. My budget is $8000.


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        Your right...

        The 550F is a gas hog, something like 12-16 mpg I think. For trails hmmm. Would I say the Tundra is as comfortable as a touring machine? No. But for me I use the trails to get to the powder to explore. Granted I have never rode a sled in your neck of the woods so I can not speak to how the conditions are there. Where I ride I am breaking trail and boondocking at least half the time. So lightweight, floatation are very important to me. It sounds to me like you need a more middle of the pack sled. And yes the MXZ is a fine sled and the 600 E Tec is much better on gas, but it cost you that's for sure. Also if you trying to keep up with anyone the Tundra is not a very fast sled. Well not compared to the MXZ thats for sure. I personally like that SD went back to the pogo front end, much better flotation and no more catching A-arms on the brush. But they do not absorb the bumps. It sounds like your on the right path to the sled you need. Do lots of reasearch.... ride as many machines as you can. There is a huge difference in the maket out there and no sled covers all the niches. Just don't be suckered into the theory bigger is better. What good is a big sled when its stuck in a hole, just harder to get out is all.
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          Will the 4 stroke start at the temps that you will be riding at? I have a 2008, 550F and with one of my friends on it, it dances through the woods. Tight corners and he can climb like a goat. I have not measured the fuel mileage on a trip, when playing hard it is pretty thirsty.

          For what I do, it is awesome! I still have not pulled freight with it, but soon.
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            I've got a Nytro MTX that starts up at -20. Good machine to ride on the trails with the high seat. Does well in the powder, but it has the bigger track.


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              I wouldn't be concerned at all about the 144" track length but i'd have to have a track with the at least 2" lugs if your going to be in the pow. We've got 2.25 lugs on our Summits and they ride just fine on the trail and are awesome in the steep and deep.


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                I'd like to see 2" lugs too

                They do have a track with 1.75 lugs for the XTX. I think If I get one I will ride it as is for a year or two, then change the track over to a bigger lug for the powder.

                I just can't decide between the two. I apologize, but I'm going to start a new (slightly different) thread. I need to decide very soon and I'm so gridlocked I'm literally planning on flipping a coin.

                Thanks to all who replied.


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                  My wife has a 550F Summit and I don't consider it a gas hog at all. I think she is averaging close to 20 mph. Now I know it doesn't come close to the 4 stroke but there are alot worse out there. Of course she doesn't wiegh 200 lbs like I do so it probably helps.


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