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  • AC ZR 500 Giving me fits

    Hi everyone. My 01 ZR 500 is really giving me a bad time now. I have dumped alot of money into it this year at both Valley Motorsports and Wasilla Arctic Cat. It will run great for the first time out of the shop and then start running like garbage. Here is a list of what was fixed and the problems I'm still having.

    Ran good first time out of the gate this year. Second trip she kept loading up and running like she was way to rich. We have always kept the apv clean and run synthetic all the time. Took it to Valley Motorsports and had the carbs adjusted etc. Cost me 100 bucks. Ran good for one trip. After that she loaded up and and the apv wouldn't open. Took it back, they changed the jets out. Ran good for one trip. Then back to the same. Took it back to Valley Motorsports and they replaced the servo valve at 500 bucks. Ran good for one trip after that. Next trip same problem so I took it to Wasilla Arctic Cat they replaced an electronic box that adjusts or opens the exhuasts valves at 350 bucks. Ran good for one trip. Now were back to where we started. I'm frustrated and sick of pouring money into it. She is also getting only about 35 miles per tank. I'm thinking maybe the carbs need a rebuild. I'm ashamed to say that the carb rebuild is beyond my mechanical ability at this time.

    I will say that we have kept this machine in awesome condition and it is worth it to have her running correct. She still looks brand new and when she is running correct she will eat up alot bigger sleds and is a blast to ride.

    Any help would be apprecitated. Thanks.

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    I'm looking for any advice on what maybe wrong and possible who I can take it to so it's fixed for good. Thanks.


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      Are you riding at different altitudes when you are taking the various trips? Good at low-levels? Better when its cold out?
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        Petersville area, Big Lake area all local since we started having the problems. Temps it has been both colder around zero and in the 20's doesn't seem to matter much. If the carbs are bad is it a hard and expensive rebuild? How do I know if the carbs are bad?


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          Sent you a PM


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