Fused with a Fusion engion..~LOL!~



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  • Fused with a Fusion engion..~LOL!~

    Well, with my odd habits of sleeping at only nessessarry times, I found myself working on my '05 RMK600.

    Blew the chain off last week and the wife and I walked 10 miles into Kotz. Sent for the parts from the oldest son, put it all in and Whamo, that afternoon, someone with a car at the Kotzebue Post office backed into my rig and crushed up all the cowlings louvers and split my tub, bumper....just nice tire marks in the snow for them...
    Talk about Pizzing me off.
    Still moved forward and all the damage could be fixxed witha new cowling, so I have an uglypainted one here at home and on it gos....
    So we got home and a family Thing brought my wife and oldest son to Kiana for a couple day, and on their way home the engine siezed....wonderfull. I sure didnt want them off on our only other rig, but alas, they are back up there for a couple more days.
    This engine has about 22,000 miles, is on its third set of cups, so the crank/connecing rod bering was flat on the right side when we did the postmortem. the clutch side shaft berings are a bit skittery and wold not have lasted long either.

    Cylenders are fine, as are the pistons..... never have burned this engine up, just cracked skirts and small troubles before.

    Enter the bro inlaw, who we reside with and his 600 '06 Fusion that he tore the front right side off of hitting a stump that was lurking under the snow at a decent clip....threw him pretty far.

    The Fusion manifold, intake and body mounts had to go, and my old ones fit , and shes outside idling right now. I'll get more pix later.
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....

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    Cool, you'll love the power of the 600HO. Thought my '04 was good and strong, but my '08/'07's are stronger yet but can be a bit more thirsty on fuel.
    The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!


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      WOW! if you got 22,000 miles on that engine, i'd say you got your money's worth. Glad to hear your up and running again.


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        22,000 miles on that set of crank, bearings, connecting rods , carbs, brain box, harness,the head and case.
        I have replaced the piston cups twice and one side cylender, the stater plate once and the oil seals a couple times, as well as the coolant impeller.

        2 tracks, countless shocks and bearings and one hell of a bill last spring when my rear swing arm snapped and we jammed a log inbetween the rails and the tub, leavng a 17 mile long trail of track materials.

        my wife even patched the windsheild with Oogruk seal skin....~LOL!~

        the tub has been sewn in a couple places, and he front louvers are now broken when some %$$ backed into my rig outside of the Kotzebue post office with their car and drove away.

        A most excellent rig, this side of the 90 s 488fuji'd Polaris super sports....rigs that refuse to die!
        If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

        "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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