chaincase capacity on a tundra II ?



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  • chaincase capacity on a tundra II ?

    Anyone out there know what it is 8oz 12oz 16...
    and what happens if I put in too much (other than a bit of a mess)


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    I assume this question came up because you don't have an owners manual? I don't have a tundra anymore, but I did for years, and basically I believe the diagram shows a level on the case, not a certain volume amount.

    I made a flexible plastic dipstick out of an old roll up sled, and marked the level it should be at per the manual. Then I'd slide it down the top plug to check the level. About every three years I'd change the oil entirely - removing the whole cover.

    If memory serves me, The level of oil is just above the center of the gear on the driveshaft, or approx 3-4" up from the bottom. It has been few years though - good luck!


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      All I can find in my owners manual is "fill to top mark on dipstick". Doesn't say how much it will take, or what will happen if you add too much. Sorry. I have a 09 550lt.
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        8 ounces. Pull rubber plug out of the side cover in the bottom half of the case and fill to that hole if you're not sure.


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          If you are talking about 93 on; yep fill it to the fill plug.


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