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  • Polaris carb ice

    Just can't keep the snow out of the cowl with all the storms we are getting. I have 3 different polaris RMK trails and carb ice (like in an aircraft carb) is a real problem. Mostly in warmer temps. I do bring them in occaisionally to thaw, but in certain conditions, they will still ice up. Have poured hot water on carbs in the past.
    Anyone else familiar with this problem?
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    My 05 Trail RMK iced up after trailering it down a snowy highway w/o a cover. What a pain in the a__. I had to drain the carb bowls and poured some heat in the slides to get it running again. The dumb thing doesn't even come with any screens to cover the vents on the hood to keep snow out. I made a "bra" to cover the vents but haven't used it yet. Don't know what to tell you other than cover the machine when it's parked and find a way to reduce the amount of snow entering the hood with screens, a "bra", or ??? I think "Northway" said he uses ductape over the vents when its' really cold or deep powder.


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      My 05 600 RMK is sweet. So's my 02 700xps....few original parts left on a couple tired bods, but they keep on rolling.....~LOL!~
      I never get snow in my carbs, I use the foam screen to keep it out.
      The problems I have is when snow gets in the vents while riding and melts on my muffler and the steam it makes ices as it hits the carbs cold metal.
      I pull off the airbox, unplug my electronics, pull my gas/oil tubes, take a 10mmm to the cables and take them off, bring them in and thaw them, dump them, and put them back on.

      Good to go after the thaw, Takes 5 minutes.

      I'll pour hot water on my manifold to get it to start at -35, to pre heat it, but it can freeze down around your steering.

      Take all the lose snow outta yer tub, maby tarp it and set a hairdryer to work under there. Keep it clean.
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        Polaris Indy, Gen II, and Edge models all struggled with fine snow collecting on the intake screens and melting into the airboxes. There are solutions available in the aftermarket, like this one.
        Go Pro in Anchorage sells 18" x 18" SLP pre-filter fabric for $37. You could do three machines with one piece of fabric I'd think. That fabric is really good at doing what it's designed for.

        Polaris water cooled models usually had adjustable cowl vents that were easy to open/close. The kits were easy to add to fan cooled models and cost about $35 if I remember right. I added them to the fan machines that I've owned.

        After riding in powder I always shut Polaris machines down by adding full choke and then left the choke on. I never had a frozen carb after I got in that habit.


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          Running a bit of premix helps a bunch also.
          Never had any trouble with any of the polaris snogo's icing up carbs with a bit of premix.
          Had to do this on a outboards that were icing up in late fall.

          Mr Pid idea of the prefilter also works wonders.


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