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    Girlfriend is a total techno geek. Me as long as it turns on and lets me put in waypoints im happy. Well shes been downloading all of our tracks from the last few weeks.
    We are looking for trail maps we can download for the willow, trapper creek, petersville, talkeetna areas. Any help would be awesome.

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    NG Topo

    Get the Nat Geo Topo! software for AK... it has all the quadrant maps for the entire state (about 90 bucks at REI or Sportsmans... but worth it). You can sync your GPS to your map program and transfer waypoints and tracks right onto the topo page... pretty cool for techno geeks... sure to win you bonus points with the girl, too.


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      Maps and coordinates

      You can get ok maps at the dealers that are laminated and have major way points and trails on them for many areas. Willow maps can be found at the Texaco in Willow or get a hold of Trailboss on this forum. I use Garmin Mapsource AK Topo. I have some 200 waypoints of major trails from Big lake to PVille and Lake Louise areas. Send me an email or a pm and I could send you a file so you don't have to type them into your gps program.

      I attached a pdf of my coordinates. Don't forget to check the Datum, that is a common mistake.
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