what to buy for 10 year old?



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  • what to buy for 10 year old?

    it's time for her to get off the back of the 2-up seat and ride her own. a kittykat would be a waste of time. we go out on trails and frozen rivers, but do a lot of exploring. obviously something lighter and smaller so she can push it around alittle while driving or getting unstuck. any advice would be genuinely appreciated.

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    Kids machine...

    I'd stay away from the little 120's unless you have younger siblings that will be riding soon. At 10 she will outgrow the 120 very quickly and they are painfully slow when trying to keep up with mom and dad on full size machines.

    I'd look at something like the Yamaha Bravo, Ski-doo Tundra, or even an older Polaris sport GT (340). She won't be able to handle these in the powder yet, but on trails and lakes it wouldn't be hard. Nice thing is, she will not outgrow it for many years (or ever for that matter) unless she just wants to go faster!

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      Bring a rotax fan.....
      I purchased a tundra 2 for my 10 yr old son a few years ago. He still prefers it to the newer machines because of the engine heat vented up behind the windshield and the lower more stable seating.
      Last year we purchased a skidoo free style for my 10 year old daughter. She is very pleased with it and is praying for early snow.
      She wanted one of the smaller machines at first, but after a few laps around the house and some training on the reverse she didnt hardly get of the machine all winter.
      I agree with AKmud, If we had perchased a smaller 120 we would now be looking for a bigger machine for her.




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        when i redeploy i've got some fun shopping to do. her snowmachine will be a big hit. thanks much for the insight. can't wait to see fairbanks again.


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          I'd take a look at the 340 models from each manufacturer. Go in and talk to the dealers, bring your daughter along and have her sit on them, etc. Two things to consider: First, making her a part of the process will only make her love it more. Secondly, a dealer might be willing to cut you a pretty sweet deal (maybe on last years model?) if he sees it is for someone young - there is something a business loves about developing brand loyalty at a young age.



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            I got my 11yr old daughter a tundra 2 last year and she loves it. It's just about perfect for her, she can get it unstuck by herself, and can start it by herself when it is warmed up!! I say the tundra, used, cause they will bang it up a little, and ya don't want it too expensive!


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              I have a old tundra that my boys outgrowed.........$250 and you can have it!

              Might need alittle maint. but she will run!

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                A Thundercat would be a good choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  I could be interested in that machine for my 10 year old boy. Where can I come and look at it?


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