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Anyone Riding in Cantwell?

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  • Anyone Riding in Cantwell?

    How is the snow down there? Have never been out to Cantwell but the RMK 900 is getting restless. With this warm weather thought it might be a nice time to find some powder. Anybody been down there recently?


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    Drove thru during the weekend. Lots-o-snow in them thar hills!


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      Cantwell Snow!

      Lot's of snow in Cantwell, all the way accross the Denali Highway. Alan at Maclaren on his website says it the best snow he's seen since 99/00. The report from our lodge is that they have several feet on the ground and my friends that are running the place told me it's been snowing all day there. They are expecting several inches up to a foot on top of the several feet they already have! I was up there weekend before last. Temps expected to be in the mid teens this weekend!

      Good Luck! It's getting that time of year!! Longer days, warmer temps!
      Experience Real Alaska!


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        rode their last weekend in Feb

        The riding was great in Feb. The snow was super deep in the trees.. too deep for my new MXZ regenade. 137". We found our way up past the bull river and past the trees and the riding way fantastic. (little wind blown) but you needed to stay on top.


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          Rode south Igloo this weekend...OK its close to Cantwell... the snow was great (POW), and the weather was awsome.
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