AR-15 GUN BOOT....????? Not Kolpin...Who makes one??



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  • AR-15 GUN BOOT....????? Not Kolpin...Who makes one??

    Called Kolpin to find out if they would ever make a Gun Boot for the AR-15. Answer is NO.

    Does anyone make a gun boot for the AR-15......?

    Side note: I asked them what gunboots are made of, as I need the correct epoxy. Answer is Poly Propylene.

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    Modify a Kolpin

    I just used a Kolpin Gun Boot IV and Cut a slot in the bottom of it with a dremel to accommodate the mag and grip. Turned it upside down and used big hose clamps to mount it to my cargo rack. I use a bungee cord to hold the rifle in place. However I consider my AR a working rifle so if it gets some ding, or scratchs Im not concerned.

    Another solution... I think Elberstock backpacks will make a custom scabbard for an AR that you can put on your back. Like this one:
    I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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