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  • Powder depth question...

    How much powder can a Tundra run in? Pretty new to snow machining in general is the reason I'm asking...

    I bought one on Saturday and rode it around over weekend in Delta and it did great. Untracked powder was about 12-18" and it sailed right through but a lot of the trails were pretty packed and easy running.

    I took it south of Paxson today near Meyers Lake and the powder there was 3-5' deep in places and the machine seemed to really bog. I also had to shovel a fair bit after digging it in a couple of times. If I got on an old snowmachine track I could follow it pretty well but cutting a new trail was a lot of work.

    Pretty typical for a Tundra or will I learn how to pull this off eventually?
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    Part of your bog could be because of the Temps (30's???) and altitude. Untracked snow takes some learning especially with a Tundra. Practice will get you the right balance of throttle and weight control.


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      Deep snow plays havoc with the exhaust outlet on some machines. Assuming your jetting and clutching is in tune, your bog could be from that. When in deep snow stay on the gas...momentum is your friend.

      Also, next time you get stuck try pulling from the front before resorting to digging.
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