List of GPS Coordinates for Susitna and Yentna Rivers



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  • List of GPS Coordinates for Susitna and Yentna Rivers

    A few weeks back someone requested GPS coordinates for the Susitna and Yentna Rivers. I have finally had the time to type up the list. These were submitted to the office from a guy that has been coming out here for years and owns a cabin in the area. These are unverified, but I think these could be a great start to help you find your way. LSDA has marked all the trails, so you should be in good shape to navigate. I attempted to break the coordinates up per river, but my knowledge is limited, and I don't have map plotter to verify where all the coordinates fall in order.

    GPS Coordinates on the Susitna River and Yentna River

    WGS 84 hddd*mm.mmm

    Deshka Landing N61*43.234 W150*12.738
    Corral Hill Trail N61*42.930 W150*15.298
    Deshka River N61*41.985 W150*15.298
    Expressway Trail N61*41.768 W150*17.712
    Rolly Creek N61*40.290 W150*18.016
    Upper Kroto Slough (East end) N61*40.346 W150*19.879
    Big Su TrailN61*40.074 W150*19.437
    Glory Hole (Iron Dog Trail) N61*35.681 W150*21.793
    Fish Creek Trail (Big Swamp) N61*35.225 W150*21.156
    Big Swamp (East side of river) N61*35.085 W150*21.156
    Scary Tree at Yentna River N61*34.983 W150*27.170
    Iditarod Trail at the Big Su N61*32.776 W150*30.453
    Anderson Creek N61*32.789 W150*31.963

    Lower Kroto Slough (West end) N61*35.349 W150*27.718
    Fish Creek at Kroto Slough N61*36.245 W150*27.508
    Top of Cutoff Slough N61*36.952 W150*23.219
    Kroto and Lower Middle (GCI) N61*36.220 W150*27.505
    Blayloc Slough N61*37.939 W150*34.150
    Root Beer Creek N61*37.939 W150*34.150
    Kroto and Upper Middle (GCI) N61*38.704 W150*24.5778.1 miles between trails
    Su100 Trail at Yentna N61*40.392 W150*37.677
    Yentna Station at Big Bend N61*44.041 W150*40.820

    It is the users responsibility to exercise good judgement and stay on the marked trails. Please protect property owners rights by staying out of posted areas.
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