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  • trailing arm repair

    anyone have any good advice for fixing a bent trailing arm?

    I managed to bend mine pretty good this weekend on my 01 RMK 700. I bent it on Saturday and then continued to ride on it Sunday and Monday. so far it just appears bent and not fractured, though I'm sure it will fracture sooner or later and eventually snap.

    my question is whether its worth it to try and bend back and then weld on a support member or just straight up replace the whole piece?


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    I bent one pretty bad on my 03 right after I got it. It held enough to get me home but I replaced it. $90 new.

    You could probably get a used one at AK Snowmobile Salvage for cheaper than that.
    If the metal is creased I'd go the safe route and replace it.
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      I recommend replacing it. Sure you could straighten and weld some braces on it. But then the trailing arm wont be the weak link, and you'll end up bending something else more expensive.


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        Strengthening a trailing arm will force the tunnel to be the weak spot and will cost way more dollars.

        Having one totally fail at speed is no fun either. Find the dollars and replace it.
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          thanks for the advice...

          I take it the trailing arm's main purpose is to take the force of impact from the skis and front suspension...? having it bend is probably better than tweaking my suspension out or damage to tub and tunnel...

          The A.S.S. shop quoted me $110 for new replacement, while Marita Sea and Ski quoted me over $200! ... but I'll definately go with the straight up replacement option.

          BTW... do you recommend replacing the pin and bushing too?

          thanks again.


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            The pin is a tempered bolt. It it or the bushing looks worn replace them.
            If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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              Just replace the trailing arm unless something else is obviously broken. They absorb the damage on most impacts. Check the ski for damage. If the saddle is tweaked it can be bent back into original shape. Traveling with a bent trailing arm will change your turning radius quite a bit depending on the damage to the arm. I usually replace at least 1 training arm per season due to riding in riverbeds


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                yea... riverbed riding can be hazardous... especially this winter.

                does anyone know what Polaris years/models are compatible for the '01 RMK trailing arm? I'm looking around for a used one at the moment.


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                  Compatible trailing arms

                  Most of the mid power Polaris trailing arms will fit. I think all of the RMKs and the XCs will fit. The book calls them different part numbers for the paint and decal options. If it's not too bad, you can get the rest of the season out of yours with a 10 minute weld job. A single piece of angle iron welded across the back will not be so strong as to kill your tunnel, but will give eBay a chance to deliver a nice, new, pretty one. I think Thom at Power Sports Stuff has used ones, too. He gets 1/2 of new, or about $90 for them, and eBay probably $50 with shipping. Good Luck, and SLOW DOWN!


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                    Holy crap, just call Snowmachine Salvage and buy an arm. they are $120, this can be an expensive sport when things break. But don't go into the back country with half assed equipment. It will **** sure break and strand you at the worst possible moment


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                      Definately replace it.

                      A friend of mine bent the arm on the same sled as yours and made a really neat repair with angle iron and guess what. He clipped a tree and ended up with a bent tunnel. It really effectively totalled his sled when he would have otherwise probably just had to buy another trailinng arm. Those who said it would make the tunnel the weak link were correct and you are wise in choosing to heed their advise.
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