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  • Get a new sled, or adjust the suspension?

    My first sled, a brand new Yamaha Phazer MTX 144, really beats me up on trails. Although it's awesome in the powder, it's a rough mo-fo on anything packed down. There are many things I really like about the sled (price, power, push-button electric reverse, easy starting, fuel efficient 4 stroke, etc) but after riding several different sleds with a group of friends on a 70 mile trip over the weekend, I'm thinking that I might have bought the wrong sled for the type of riding I like to do. I want a "go anywhere" sled that is as comfortable as possible on trails, yet can break trail or play in the powder. I don't plan on ever high marking. I rode my friend's Bear Cat and loved the ride, but the way the reverse works is BS (IMO).

    Before I take a loss and sell my sled I have 2 questions...

    1. What suspension adjustments should I try? I weigh 190 lbs.

    2. How would a 09 Ski-Doo LT Tundra 550F compare to a Long Track Bear Cat 570F in terms of ride comfort on trails? Does the Ski Doo have electronic push-button reverse?

    Any other help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Get the shocks revalved and different springs first before you get rid of it.
    That sled is meant more for mountains than trails but can be helped for more comfort on trail.
    Try talking with the dealer on the suspension set up for you.
    Try that before you get rid of it.


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      Check out the Yamaha sub-forum on for tweaking ideas
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        Another place is


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          Thanks, I'll talk with the dealer and try to tweak the suspension before I decide to get rid of it.


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