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  • Polaris primary clutch interchange

    I have a 1991 Polaris 440 Sport GT. Will a primary clutch off of a 1994 440 Supersport fit it?
    I do have weights and a spring, so that does not matter. Is there any difference in bushings, sheaves, or???
    How can I determine the amount of deflection I should have in the drive belt on the 91 GT Sport? Is there a website or someplace that has the specs?
    I changed belts recently. This new one rides almost an 1/8" out of the driven. At idle, there is some belt squeal and the machine wants to walk off by itself. What should the reveal be on the side of the belt? I do know how to pull the clutches and change spacers on the driven.
    She is a bit boggy on take off, not that I expect it to launch like a muscle sled. I think adjusting the belt should help a lot.

    Thanks folks,

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    Try Here..http://www.polarisfiles.com/forum/index.php?showforum=4
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      polaris parts site.

      took a quick glance at that site. Will have to look around a bit.
      FYI everybody I found this site for schematics and parts number for Polaris.

      I did note for my question that the part numbers are different, and the listed usage for the clutches in question is different. I thought that the 340 and 440 sleds all used the P-90 clutches.


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        clutch info

        Just an update. I talked with ole Polaris Pete at the outpost. That man knows his stuff. The clutch off the 94 ss 440 will fit the 91 gt 440. There is a difference in clutch mounting bolt spacers. The part numbers are different on the clutches, but they are still P-90 clutches.
        Looking at what diagrams I an find on the web, I can't tell if there is any difference in the insides. I know the 91 440 was an odd belt. It is different than the others. Will I still need to pull the primary apart to build it to a 91 spec? or will all the adjustment be in the driven/secondary clutch?


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          The snow angels are smiling

          Well, between Polaris Pete, some studying, e-bay, and divine intervention, I am the proud owner of a brand new, never used, P-90 clutch. I hate to think what it would have cost from a dealer or outlet. Used ones on e-bay were pretty pricey. The complete clutch ready for instal, with shipping (drum roll please), only $65.00.
          That is less than I was going to have to pay for a base holding fixture to rebuild my old one. I am excited.
          Now I have spare parts ready to go to rebuild one of my other clutches. I can take my time to look for the base holding fixture or I can build one.


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            Clutch is in

            That new primary has the correct weights installed, and is mounted on the shaft. Also took apart the secondary and added a shim. The new belt was too fat and the machine would creep.
            I took her for a run and it was perfect! At least as perfect as an old 440 can be. Next day I ran over Murphy Dome w/ a friend to haul cabin supplies and firewood. With over 500lbs in the sled, and doing some deep powder running, the clutches performed as expected.
            Now to put new springs under that old thing. After 82 miles of windblown, drifted, hard packed trail, I was beat! I feel like the only player on my team in a WWF tag team event!
            One more thing, the P-90 that I put on was exactly the same as the original, even though it was several years newer. The Polaris manual had indicated some difference, but I sure could not find it.


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