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  • If Redoubt Volcano erupts...

    Those in the potential ash fall area (Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and Valley areas) should be ready to save your snowmachines. Remember that snowmachines do NOT have air filters. Older machines using a pre-mixed oil/fuel also have the intake air going through the crankcase. The extrememly abrasive nature of volcanic ash will ruin a snowmachine motor very quickly. So do NOT operate your snowmachine engine if there is ashfall in your area. The best option is to park the machine inside a garage if possible, but get it under as much cover as you have available.

    In any case, put a large trash bag over the top of the engine and tuck it down as much as possible. Hold it in place with duct tape. Close the hood and put your cover on. For best results and the easiest to clean option, finish by covering the entire sled with plastic sheeting or an undamaged tarp. Secure it as tightly around the entire machine as you can get it and hold it with duct tape. After the ashfall is over, you can hose off the ash and toss the plastic sheeting. Hose out the suspension and check the engine compartment. If there is no ash in there, take off the trash bag and you should be good to go. If ash got into the engine compartment, clean it out before removing the trash bag from the engine. If you find more ash on the engine after taking off the bag, then be sure to thoroughly clean your airbox and carbs before attempting to start the engine.

    Ash in the snow will ruin your slides and other suspension parts in short order as well. So avoid riding in contaminated snow. Best to wait until another foot or more of snow is on top of the ash layer before riding. A significant ash layer could potentially shut down the affected areas to safe riding for the rest of the season.
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    Excellent advice....Thanks JOAT......here at home we have been cutting plastic sheeting for all of our electronics and everyone has been shown how to shut down all electronics to include just killing the house power.


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