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  • Denali Highway Trail Report

    Went in Saturday from Cantwell, and it was an excellent ride! Parked by the sign that says 'go beyond this point at your own risk,' and headed out. I took in several sled loads of supplies, along with the winter hosts for the lodge.

    From Cantwell to Alpine Creek Lodge, about 63 miles, trail is wide and fast. Some bumps between Brushkana and the Su, but nothing that was too terrible. Since I had 2 sleds I was towing in tandem, they showed no problem. We made 3 trips, with 2 machines, and two sleds behind each machine. There was a lot of riders out, and many sled dog teams, so be careful going around the corners. The snow is excellent, and if I had a powder machine, I would have lost days playing out in it.

    From Alpine Creek Lodge to Maclaren River Lodge trail is really nice on this 26 mile section! Deep snow and lots of it. Sue at Maclaren makes a great burger, and the beer is always excellent! Seen a huge black wolf at mile 60.

    I'll get some pic's up tonight. Stop by and say hi to Bryan and Angela at the Alpine Creek. They make a great cup of coffee and it's always free!
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    Thanks DH

    I am glad to see you posting and helping support the others along the highway, you are a great help to others needing info and I hope your lodge and family prosper, I plan on visiting you this summer when I'm out there. Keep up the good work.
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      Is there places to park a pickup and camper to ride from in the area?


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        Hey Denalihunter, thanks for posting the conditions. We actually passed you a couple times (two polaris fusions and a widetrack). Figured that was who you were. Also want to watch for Caribou around the Nenana river as my dad and a musher had about ten in between them and they about ran over my ol'man. Next time were out there we will stop by your place to see if you are home.



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          parking and more.

          The folks running the lodge for me this year will be posting daily or every second day conditions, temperture, snow etc on our website, and I can post reports on here occasionally as they have them. I'm going to bring them up a small weather station in two weeks. We have good wireless satellite internet that's free to use. Skype net works well if you are into using that.

          There is plenty of parking on the property, and if you can drive it to the top shelf above the lodge, it's a great place! Just evaluate if you can make it up the fairly steep road before attempting. If not, there will be plenty of parking below, and I'll be installing 10 rv/camping spaces in the spring.

          I left Angela and Bryan up there and they are planning to open this weekend. They are great people, and I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting with them. They will be on location until the end of May, at least.

          Yep, seen you guys up there, Polarisblake! What great riding. Monday was one excellent day! Clear, and about 20 at the lodge. It doesn't get much better then that. I hear ya on the caribou, and moose. They sure hate getting out of the way. We followed one bunch for 3 miles before they finally got out of the way.

          Glad you guys like the reports. We'll keep em coming!
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            Yeah I was with polarisblake on sunday when we saw you guys heading back to Cantwell, we were gonna ride out to your place, but after we saw you pass us on the highway we decided to have lunch at the susitna bridge. Look forward to seeing the finished lodge though. Thanks for the reports


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              Denali Highway Report - updated

              The report from the highway is that they got a lot of good snow up there a couple of days ago. Great riding, but a little chilly right now. They are expecting temps to rise on Wednesday, and run mid to upper teens through next weekend. This should be some great riding days! Stop in for free coffee, and stay awhile, or call to let them know you need a nice warm place to stay! If anyone's heading up that way, we could make a deal if you could haul some stuff in to Bryan and Angela for me! Sit by the fire and relax and tell stories, or watch tv. We also have full wireless satellite internet.

              Spotted a black wolf last weekend! A wolverine was caught in the remote cam at the lodge, and there are tons of critter tracks everywhere! Lot's of moose and caribou too! The ride is in excellent, and is like a highway. Easy ride for family's, and takes about 2 hours. You can't get lost!
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