Fuel line disintigration!



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  • Fuel line disintigration!

    I was 85 miles from Deshka Landing at a friends cabin one night and walked by my 2003 Scandic SWT. I smelled gas, and on investigation found the fuel line from the filter to the fuel pump had disintigrated to the point that I just pulled it apart very easily. The line was just plain crumbly on the outside and and obviously useless.

    Thank goodness I found a piece of outboard fuel line that I could use as a replacement, and safety wire to make somewhat of a "hose clamp" for both connections. The fix worked fine.

    However, I am concerned about what could have caused this fuel line deterioration. Anyone have any ideas? I looked over the rest of the lines and they look ok. But cannot see inside the tank for the pickup line.

    This little event could have happened at a most inopporune time!!

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    This thread has a very similar story. Sounds like Ski Doo had a bad batch at one point.

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      I recommend changing out fuel lines every two years, minimum. With all the additives that fuel suppliers have tried and continue to evolve with, not to mention the fact that Heet in any form is not good for synthetics. Several manufacturers of sleds have used inferior lines, only to find out later. Fuel line is cheap. Change it out and not worry about it. Plus when you have relatively new lines, you can take them off and put them back on if you get ice in the lines and such, without breaking them or distorting them.
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        Yellow bottle Heet will do that to lines on some sleds and chainsaws. I've never had a problem with red bottled Heet.
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          One thing I forgot to mention was that this section of line is encased in the split plastic sleeve...intended for protection, I guess, as the muffler box isn't all that far away. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

          Note: I stopped by a skidoo shop for some replacement fuel line, and they offered what looks like the black automotive/marine line. Guess they don't like the clear plastic type either. They suggested some type of exterior corrosive material must have gotten onto the line, especially since it was the portion encased. I think the nearby heat from the muffler system must also had some effect.


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            Fuel line falls apart

            Hunt-n-fish - I had the exact same problem with a fuel line on my 04 Polaris WT. Except it was the fuel line INSIDE the gas tank. It got white and crumbly and fell apart. So withouth this intake hose the engine wasn't getting any gas even when the tank was 1/3 full.

            The only additive I put in the tank was Stabil. Maybe I put too high a concentration of Stabil? I don't know. Anyway - heat was definitely not a factor in my case. So I wouldn't assume in your case that heat was definitely the problem.

            Maybe in the 03-04 time period multiple sno-go manufacturers were obtaining defective plastic fuel lines. I wouldn't be surprised. They all probably buy from the same plastic fuel line manufacturer in China.


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