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  • Klutina Lake Trail ... information?

    Does anyone have information on the Klutina Lake Trail? Has anyone here snowmobiled it in the last couple of years? Or this year? Are there any access issues (I heard there was a few years ago)? And where can you park a truck and trailer in Copper Center? Finally... does anyone have advice about snowmobiling the route between Cooper Center - Klutina Lake - St. Anne Lake - Tazlina Lake - Mendeltna? Thank you.

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    Not sure what access issues there would be on the Klutina road. There was some slides a while back but the bypasses have been in and it's been good for a couple years now. Until we get some snow the trails are solid ice. Not good for liquid cooled sleds right now.

    FYI- The road and lake are being trapped. Please respect that. I'm not saying 'stay off', just respect the traps and any animals that may be in them. As far as a route you mention from there to Mendeltna, there is roughly six trappers covering that area. Some of them use trail sets and trap wolves right thru to spring. Myself being one of them.

    Most locals park on the power line past Princess Lodge, but more secure parking can be had at the Copper Center Lodge. I'm sure a chat with the owner would score a spot and it's always nice to have a hot meal after a ride.


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