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Snow in Fuel Tank & Power Issues

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  • Snow in Fuel Tank & Power Issues

    When refueling my 02 RMK 800 while on the Denali Highway the other day I let a golf ball sized piece of snow fall in my gas tank. The machine seemed to run without issues and I used up all but 2 gallons of the 12 gallon tank. I then took my sled out to Cleary summit the other day to get some hill climbing in and the sled was running very poorly. Mash the throttle and it would just sputter. Almost as if the choke was on. This of course was on a fresh tank of gas as well.

    Should I change the fuel filter, drain the fuel tank, and refill?

    On a side note the sled also has 1 strange problem perhaps with the VES system I dunno. When the sled is cold it has about half power. If I shut it off about 10 mins into the ride and let it sit for 5 mins then fire her back up she runs awesome. Like an 800 should. It's rare but sometimes I even have to repeat the procedure several times before the motor comes to life and I get proper throttle response. Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    The drain, clean and refill should work but try iso-heat first (red bottle).

    For the VES: Have you been cleaning your valves regularly? I clean mine about every 500 miles.
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      The power issue could be your temp sensor failing, a common issue with the ves sleds.


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        A golf ball sized chunk of Denali snow hardly has any water in it at all. Pour in a bottle of red ISOHEET and that problem will be solved. There may be other issues that these other folks have brought up.
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          Awesome thanks for the suggestions! I'm a noob when it comes to sled maintenance and repair. I have not cleaned the VES valves and am wondering how I would go about doing this. I'll do some googling and see what I can find. Also if I have a multimeter is there an easy way to test the temp sensor issue? Or should I just order a new one and replace it?

          I'll pickup the bottle of Heat today and see if that doesn't help with the water issue. Hopefully I can nail this VES issue on the head and get this sled running right.


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            I found detailed instructions on the VES valve cleanup incase anyone else wants the info here it is:


            Google rocks!


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              Once you get your valve baffles out and cleaned, hold them up to the light and look for pinholes or small tears. If they're damaged AT ALL replace them. You should replace the gaskets as well.
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