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  • Noyes slough?

    Anybody ride noyes to go from town to the tanana? I've never done it and was thinking of checking out this weekend, thought I'd ask and see what I could learn before I check it out.

    Is the slough passable the entire length?

    Is the chena good to go from university to the tanana or do you need to go overland somewhere along the way??

    Thanks for any tips or suggested routes...

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    The slough is a highway, shouldn't have any trouble for partially buried shopping carts and 55 gal alert on corners and stay to the right, alot of yahoos out there that love to cut corners at high speeds.

    On the Chena it looks like from the bridge you should be in good shape. Just keep and eye out and follow the mass of tracks. Sometimes that open lead downstream of the bridge isn't passable, if so then you just jump up on land there at BLM and take the road to Compeaus and get back on, or you could even take the raod all the way to Princess and jump back on. Again, just follow the highway and you should be fine.

    Hope this helps, be safe.


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      yeah it does help thanks. I'm right near the top part of the slough and just have never ran it past about Danby...

      I'm wanting to get on the tanana and do some burbot fishing but I don't have a trailer for my machine - so I was thinking it would be great if I could ride the slough and the chena out to the tanana

      thanks again (I hear you on the yahoos - I'll definitely be cruising on the slow side of the speedo with a tow sled full of fishing gear!)


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        If you see and Orange/white/grey SkiDoo Freestyle in your travels, let me know as my kids' sled was stolen last month (see attachment). There have been a few sightings of what could possibley be it on and around the Noyes slough down on the University end...

        Have fun and good luck!
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          DAng still no word on that huh? That was the one that was stolen from your enclosed trailer right?

          I'll keep my eye out for sure.


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