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  • Heaven and Hell

    Today a new coworker and I set out to service a scientific data gathering station on the Tanana Flats. It was her first time riding a snowmachine and we were going to take it pretty easy anyway. Everything was going great, it was a bright sunny interior day with a nice layer of 2 feet of fluffy cloud like powder. Our work machine is a Artic Cat 570 (touring addtion) I think. It is a nice sled and "Jane" (Im not using her name because I didn't ask her permission), took to it pretty well. She was pulling a small toboggan with about 150 lbs in it. I was expecting a nice smooth trail/river ride. All we got was 5 or 6 miles into it that all we got. Then I noticed our nice well beaten path was starting to get a little harry. And finally came to a abrupt stop at open water. I was on my Tundra R and really didn't feel like donating it to the Tanana River, so we back tracked trying to get around the open water. We had no sucsess. So we picked another route. We were moving pretty slow since it was "Janes" first ride. We got stopped on nasty pressure ridge that was the Hell aspect of the trip. About 2 feet of open water in between nice thick river ice. The Tundra popped right over it, after bucking me off... Then there was sucrrying around after I stuck my bunny boot into the water, and then off again we went.

    It wasn't untill the ride home when we meet Heaven. With nice light sleds we were able to play a little and I notice that Jane was out in the deep stuff making turns, and hopping over drifts with a huge grin on her face. When we finally got back to the truck the chatter about how fun it was was all I need to hear. She had a great time. And we got paid to be out there. Does it get any better? Dang I love my job.
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    Its amazing how Alaska seems to do that alot. It will drag you down, beat you up, and just when you least expect it, you will be blessed with a great experience like that. Good story thanks for the post
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      Great story, I always think I could not possibly love Alaska anymore than I already do. Well that is until the next time I go out and enjoy everything she has to offer. And wouldn't you know it, it turns out that I that I can. I experience something new every time I go out. Your story also reminds us to watch out for that open water, it can sneak up on you especially with the weather we have been having.


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