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  • Red Headlight Option

    I have a 02 Ski-doo MXZ 800 and im wanting to change the color of the headlights to red. If anyone knows where to order red lights for my snowmachine please let me know.

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    Two problems I see with this... red light doesn't give you enough depth or contrast to be able to see. A red light signifies the rear of a vehicle, making it difficult for other riders to know which way you are going.

    I suggest you try amber if you don't like white light.
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      Just buy a red lexan headlight cover and use velcro to attach it. This way, when you realize how dumb a red headlight is , you can just take it off, stash it in your backback and have a nice halogen beam to get home.


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        I put blue vinyl over my headlight. Got it off ebay. You should be able to find some with a quick search.

        Yeah, it does look sweet and it cool at night when looking at it. It goes to not so cool when you start riding. Cut viewing distance in half, easy and like said above, depth is an issue also. But hey, if you're goin for cool factor, then you got it!

        I've was going to take mine off this year but haven't got around to riding much yet (kids, work, etc.), but as the days get longer, its not as big of a deal, but its definitely coming off sometime...
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