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  • Something I put in Swap and sell also

    I forgot to allow penetrating fluid to assist me in loosening up the studs on my old wear bars for my '96 Indy Sport Touring, and wouldn't you know, they broke off when I tried to remove them (to put on some new skins).

    Anybody have a pair in storage they would sell? Maybe a pair you took off to put on a some easy Steers or carbides? They could be used if they're in decent shape. Send me a PM. I'm in the Soldotna area, but would pay postage or whatever if anywhere in the SC area.


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    They are always just tack welded on. Cut off some bolts, a little longer than the originals, due to the added depth needed for the skins and get them tacked on. Done this lots of times. Usually the stock length bolts are too short anyway. A two minute job for someone with a welder.
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      Good suggestion...

      ... and thanks, but don't have a welder, nor do I know anyone off hand who does. I'm thinking that by the time I either rented a welder or paid someone to weld it, I'd be into it for the price of another pair. If I don't hear from anyone on this forum, I'll probably check out Verbas and see if they have a used pair for a reasonable price. Just figured it would be worth a try first to see if someone had upgraded somewhere along the line, and had a pair laying around.


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