How do you keep your GPS warm?



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  • How do you keep your GPS warm?

    Got a GPS mount to put on my snowmachine so that I don't have to keep digging it out of my pocket, any suggestions on how to keep the GPS warm enough so that I don't have to worry about replacing batteries every 30 minutes?!

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    gps heater

    Heated gps holders are easy to find, I googled heater gps and this was just the first site to pop up, if you are in Anchorage you could probably go to the gps store or Go Pro or any of the snowmachine stores and they would either have them or know where to send you.
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      I switched to lithium batteries and that solved 90% of my problems. A 12V adaptor also works really well if you mount it to your handlebars. Most dealers will have a way to put a 12V powersource into your dash.

      In reality I use my GPS very rarely on my sled so it rides in one of my two inside coat pockets. The other holds my small digital camera.
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        A thumb warmer will work also. Glue it to the back of the gps.


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          I have a two Rhino 530's that I use the Lithum batteries with and I can make multiple 8 plus hour trips on a charge. I never shut them down or take them inside until we are done riding for the day. I have done this to almost 30 below with out an issue.

          Also, I need to find it, but there is a place that sells a small (3"wx6"lx4"h) rechargeable battery if you want a consistant power source for when the sled is off. I used it at Arctic Man a few years ago and it lasted the 5 days that we were there and I never took the GPS off the mount or turned the unit off.


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            Lithiums work, but get expensive. NiMH work pretty well and solves the expense issue. If you choose to go with a wired in power supply, you MUST install both a rectifier and a good voltage regulator specifially for the GPSr.

            Just pick up an aftermarket stick-on thumb warmer and put it on the back of your GPSr mount. Solves all your heat problems for less than $20 and a few minutes of hooking up wires.
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              I just picked up a thumb warmer element and added it to the back of mine last week. I also put in a 12v outlet and the cord for my GPS so I do not have to worry about batteries when I am traveling. Works perfect!
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                I use a RAM mount on my handlebars with a thumb warmer glued to the mount at the back of the GPS. I have wired it with a harness from Radio Shack so I can disconnect the mount when I want to. I also have a 12v adapter wired to the sled, talk to the dealer alot of newer sleds these days are prewired for heated visors or 12v accessories, you just have to find the right wires. I also use the lithium batteries for when the sled is off, they are worth the price in the cold weather, I only go through 2 or 3 sets of batteries a winter. I have used this setup at 45 below with only one problem, at 45 below the screen gets pretty slow to refresh, but at that temp everything is slllowww.


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