Deshka Landing Trails Report 1/15/09



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  • Deshka Landing Trails Report 1/15/09

    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. This information is for recreational use. This report should not be used to substitute for your own knowledge and decision making ability. The DLOA LLC and those submitting the information will not be held responsible for any losses, damage, or personal injury that may occur while using this information.



    Reported By:

    Ken L., Stewart B., and Larry H.

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    Warmer tempertures of over 30 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.
    Weather History

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    4" of new show at the Landing on 1/13. Unofficial snow depth for the season is 25". The lot will be plowed after the rain settles down.

    Trail Conditions:

    1/15 It has constantly rained for several hours Wednesday and Thursday, ending at about 12:00pm today. Very wet and sloppy, and some wet spots are starting to show due to the weight on top of the ice. Trail past Yentna Station is not suggested for towing a load at this point. Snow is very wet and heavy now, so off-trail riding will be extremely challenging to keep yourself from not getting stuck.
    Groomed trail on 1/13 from confluence of the (Scary Tree Trail) Yentna River north to Yentna Station. Larry will groom from the Landing to the confluence once the rain stops. The snow and rain will probably cause some overflow over the next few days. There is overflow at Root Beer Creek near the Fish Wheel. Stay high and be very careful if you are bringing a load out.

    Lodge Reports:

    Alaska Backcountry Tours-

    McDougall Lodge-

    Talvista Lodge- 12/31 Currently have 4.5 feet of packed snow. Trail groomed and marked, but no signs have been posted. There may be snowdrifts in places due to wind. Bitterly cold right now. Gas is available for sale.

    The TalVista Lodge has food, fuel and lodging available. Please call Chris or Sarah @ the lodge for reservations 733-3066

    Other Comments:

    Gas available 24/7 with credit card
    Office Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday-Sunday

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