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    Where would the best places be to take a family snowmachining. we are all fairly inexperienced and just want a fun place to trail ride and learn. Mat-Su valley area would be best or a short drive in any direction. Thanks.

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    Hatchers Pass

    Hatchers is a favorite of mine. There are all kinds of various terrain, including a lot of easy riding. You can take the road all the way over to Willow if you like. The snow is usually pretty good there before many other places around the valley. The archangel valley trail takes off from there as well and is a nice shorter ride which also has good terrain for the inexperienced riders.

    When riding in the Hatchers Pass area, be cautious of large rocks. Sometimes rocks the size of mini-vans are covered with 2-3" of snow and look like a good jump. They usually win the fight with the snowmachine and the wrecks end up costing lots of $$$.

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      Hatchers Pass also has alot of areas that are prone to avalanches. It seems like there are more times the light is flat than I would care for. There is some neat country to be seen but I am not so sure I would suggest it to a family with no expereince. I would suggest heading out to biglake. There is a map of the trails and alot of signage. I don't remember which but it seems like one of the banks in anchorage has assisted with marking the trail system to make easier to use. I know I picked up a map at one of the local biglake store a few years ago.


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        Big lake

        I second the big lake thing. Lots of trails to ride out there. Get a map from Hatchers pass polaris and you're on your way.


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          Good Place To Go

          Where You Are A Newby Join A Club In Your Town, As They Should Be Able To Stear You In The Correct Direction, At Least For The Frist Year ,then Go Out On Your Own If You Want, But Big Lake Is Great After Freeze Up An A Little Snow, But Your Local Club Should Be Able To Give You Some Help, An Also Help Get You Back From A Trip Till You Learn The In's An Out's Of Snow Mobileing , Check The Local Snow Mobile Repair/sales Shop For Info On Club's Around Town Most Of The Local Dealerd Do Support The Clubs To Some Degree, Hope To See You On The Trail Sid


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            Thanks for the info. We will be going out to Big Lake this winter to get in some family learning time.


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              Eureka is where it's at for easy and fun family riding. The trail system is extensive and most of the time it's well groomed. I live in Talkeetna and have great riding hear, but take the wife and kids to Eureka because they fell like they get a better ride there and can see more because of the open country.
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                Eureka is a great spot. Miles of trails and wide open country. Its 2-2.5 hours from Anchorage, but worth the drive.

                The snow isn't very good at Big Lake unless you go there IMMEDIATELY after the snowfall, otherwise it is hard packed and like riding on cement, hence the reason I now go to Eureka. When its 40 degrees, blowing and warm in Wasilla/Anchorage, it is really winter in Eureka, complete with lots of snow and wintery looking.



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