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  • Artic cat 4 cycle

    is there any word, good or bad about the Artic Cat Turbo 660 motor, service, gas [milage], reliablity,cold start in the AM , like to have some input

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    Up side.

    My service manager had a 121 and he liked it. He says he got over 20 miles per gallon and it had ample power. He says he never had a problem with cold starts.

    Down side.

    Turbo lag was significant the one time I rode it and if you got off the groomed trail be sure to have plenty of buddies around. Nose heavy, though the long tracks may handle the powder better. These machines come factory equipped with an electric block heater. This is a nice option but why did AC decide to put it on there? Although our service manager never had cold start issues several members of the local sled forum have mentioned theirs won't fire up in the morning. The biggest thing was over heating. On hard pack he could only go a short ways before the ecm would default to limp mode and only let the sled go 25 mph.

    Aside from the motor, the rest of the sled had a long list of small issues over the 3 seasons he rode it. Nothing real big but it was in the shop after almost every ride for some little thing. Speedo and other electronics inoperative, plastic trim cracking, rear suspension issues, oil leaks, snow flap falling off etc.. AC had a very good warranty on them at the time so it was all free, but still a constant bother. His was the first year of this model so maybe these issues have been refined by now.


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      gas mileage

      have had some input from other forums, from people that have ben driving these T660 4 cycle units quoted 18 to 20 miles per gal when driven at 20 to 30 MPH so I will be a happy camper as the 550 2 cycle liq. cooled I am driving now gets about 9 MPH, just to let people know what I have found out, there again I am a happy camper


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        pull start

        Can you pull start a 4-cycle? I can't imagine it. What if your battery is dead and you are way out there?
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          It's not easy

          I have pull started my Yamaha 4 stroke, but the battery was not dead. I was only doing it to see if I could so I don't know if it will make spark with a dead battery. As for the Cat 4 stroke, I believe they have electric fuel pumps so I wouldn't think they would be easy either if at all.


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            They have a good decompression system which allows the pull start without ripping limbs off just like a bigger bore 4 stroke wheeler.

            I was looking through the '07 Yamahammer brochure the other day and noticed that ALL of the machines in there were 4 stroke. Did they do away with the 2-strokes or are the not so popular brochure somewhere?

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              4 stroke

              all the yamaha are 4 stroke, there is a one 2 stroke, the small one the trappers like an I am not sure if that one is or not it looks like it did 20 years ago old leaf spring's an all, not in the book but the dealers have them in stock


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                Thats the yammy trapper sled. We send them out to the bush all the time. Brand spanking new.


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                  yam BROVO

                  Is The Sled 2 Cycle Or Did Yam Go 4 Cycle ?


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                    What Are the Benefits?

                    What do you guys think the benefits to a 4 stroke sled are? I am pretty much sold on getting another 2 stroke but thought maybe I am missing something since pretty much all the yamahas are now 4 stroke.
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                      4 stroke

                      I think in time all the sleds will go 4 stroke because of the EPA rateing ,some 2 cycle sleds do make it today but I don't think they will make it when the more stringent rules gome on line it all has to do with the number of sleds that they make make [not sell] a lot of the 2 cycle skleds do not make the rateing today if they do make it they don't do by much


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