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  • What's your favorite?

    Hi all,

    just wondering what is the most popular "snowmachine" up there? Still trying to get used to calling it that...I'm from Wisconsin where it's a snowmobile!

    It's been four years since I sold my last sled, a '99 Arctic Cat ZL 500 EFI. Loved that sled, except for the lousy gas mileage, and I could have used the extra 100cc of the 600 a few times on some railroad grades. Awesome suspension though!

    Prior to that, I had a '95 Polaris XLT 600. Great motor, crap for suspension.

    Do most guys run long tracks? I would imagine so.


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    My sled

    I'm still running a '98 Polaris 700 RMK. It's getting old and isn't the king of the hill anymore by any means, but as long as it still runs good and holds together I don't have a good excuse to upgrade... ( I have been looking (and drooling) at the new RMK's with the IQ chassis as well as the Ski-doo Rev's. The 700 powerplant seems to have plenty of power and I rarely am wishing I had more ponies. I think a new 700 would satisfy that wish simply with the technology upgrade. As far as gas mileage I really can't complain. I routinely get 80-90 miles from a tank and that includes a lot of powder riding during the day. Riding the Big su once I parked it back on the trailer with 99 miles on the odometer and still had gas in the tank. Makes a difference doing 80 mph on hardpack most of the day.

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      Most popular snowmachine up here? From what I've seen from the past few years, and from those who I ride with it in popular, congested riding areas, I'd have to say the Ski-Doo Rev (long track, short track, etc) in any configuration is the most popular at the moment.

      I'd like to have a new Rev, but I'm not paying $10k for one.


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        Indy Lite 340 touring

        For hunting bear, trapping etc. gets great milage, I can get it un-stuck easier because it is light, the touring suspension is great and my kids can ride them too.


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          Ski doo summit Rev

          In the 600 with the 144 inch summit setup. You can get it in the 800 also with either the 144 or 151, and maybe even the longer tracks ?? The Rev has great gas mileage with the new injection fuel system. I got 16 mph my last trip this season on my 2006 model 600. The suspension is so different than sleds just a year or so older, that once you ride the new designs, you will hate to go back. My 700 Arctic Cat is for sale "NOW" and my son is selling his Indy lite and going to buy the 2007 Rev in the 550 fan summit. They don't have the HP like the Liquids, but they are perfect for a 15 year old.
          The new 800 motor for 2007 in the Ski doo is a uniblock design and because they can keep it cooler, they are getting like 3 million horse power or something like that... I have no interest in more than 118 hp which the 600 SDI summit has..
          by the way.. this is my first Ski doo in over 10 years, and so far I am sold on it. I put only 780 miles on the sled this season due to my picking it up in January, but they were the best 780 miles I have ever ridden...
          this being said.. all sled manufactures have created similar designs as the REV and should perform fairly close. I see that Yamaha has brought out a new designed PHAZER that was snow checked this spring and they had tons of orders for that new sled. check it out and see what you think.
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            ski-doo rev

            I ordered the 800 summitx for next year, Like all the above have said, the new setups are incredible. I am also going to pick up a 600 summit SDI for the wife (and a great back-up sled for myself!) The SDI is silky smooth and great gas milage. I have always been a ski-doo fan, and just when I have thought about changing they come out with something even better. All the sleds have made vast improvements, it all depends on what your priorities are. But yes, I would say 60% of the sleds up here are long tracks (over 121) I grew up in Maine, and if I moved back, the renegade would be my pick back there. Just my .02.


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              I've been in Maine my whole life and agree that the most common sled here is the Rev. The Gade is probably the fastest growing part of that too. I'm a Yamaha fan myself but my second choice would be the Rev.


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                I think I would look at the new Phazer 4 stroke, 16 inches of rear travel and light, should be good on gas. For now Polaris is most popular around where I'm at.


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                  Ak Steve

                  I have a 2000 500 RMK. As long as it can start it with three pulls all the time and I don't have any trouble, I'll keep it. It sure doesn't keep up with the big Summits, but I can ride any place I'm willing to go. I'm too old (smart?) to go a lot of places.....

                  The next sled will be whatever I get a good deal on. But, the 600 summit with the biggest track it comes with looks pretty fine. The REV summit is a sweet ride.

                  For just getting around, hunting and fishing, the REV Tundra is probably pretty awesome. "Tundra" is synonomous with "snogo" is a lot of this state.


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                    Elan...second is the Tundra.

                    I like the 12hp single lung. I can wind through under and over the brush where pretty much nothing else will go. Then, when I do get stuck, the 250 # jumps right back on top.
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                      What kind of riding are you looking to do.

                      Last year I sold my go fast machines and got a Skidoo Skandic. Works great for what I do now.


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